Inspired: Bronson Twine

This Charming Man: Bronson Twine

My journey into Second Life has led me to some amazing places to shop.  I am a shopoholic. I like to look good.  During my time in SL a few kind residents and friends have often stated that I have great style.  But when I think of mens style, there is one name that comes to mind: Bronson Twine.

Bronson Twine

I stumbled upon irregularguy, Bronson’s blog,  through perusing other blogs.  When I landed on his site I was immediately in heaven.  A male with great style, amazing photographs and a presentation of it all so clean, I immediately bookmarked and read every single entry.

We have a lot of the same taste in style, which made me curious about who Bronson was behind the blog.  A little social network called Plurk brought Bronson to a much more vivid light for me.  I have learned he has a great sense of humor, is very intelligent, witty and charming, amongst a myriad of hilarity that always leaves me laughing. Then there is his music taste, almost identical to mine!  Is Bronson my long-lost twin brother from another mother?  Perhaps, in spirit and through the intertwined highway that is the internet, I feel I have found a kindred spirit.

Bronson inspired me in many ways to reach my goal to blog male fashion and my findings in Second Life.  His images make me want to know more, they paint a journey, conjuring up a tapestry that often feels like watching a film trailer. I always get taken into a journey that spurs music and  fast paced flashes of scenes and I am never disappointed!

Through painting imagery and sharing your style, I feel we bloggers have something special, a visual highway of adventuring in Second Life and a network to show our personalities and the ‘soul’ of the avatar.  Creativity is my addiction and through my blog I have found a new way to be the artist I am unable to be in my real life due to my illness creating limitations.

So I thank you Bronson Twine, for sharing your creativity and stellar imagery, for without doing so I would never have leaped into the fashion blogging, a creative outlet that has brought me great joy.   It has been a great gift to get to know you.

Bronson Twine

What Bronson Is Wearing:

Skin – Rainn T2 Beard – *Sacred*
Hair – Rob Hair, Espresso – NSD
Glasses – Augie Glasses – Reek
Ears – Type 1 Stretched Ear, Human, 7/8″ – Aitui
Shirt – White Oxford, Full Messy Tails – Schadenfreude
Tie – Skeletonflake Tie – Schadenfreude
Jeans – Polar Jeans, Black – Blitzed
Shoes – Pornstar Lo-tops – Urban Bomb Unit
T-Shirt – Ture Tee, Black Striped – Nanuk
Cuff – Key Cuff – Kari
Bracelet – Beach Bracelet – Concrete Flowers
Finger tape – SiniStyle Designs
Eyes – Ellis, Sleet – LeLutka

What I Am Wearing:

Hair-Dura Boy*23 Black
Facial Hair-NANUK  Anders light beard black
Eyes-.ID. Starburst Eyes – Turquoise
Glasses-:Mr.Poet:: Half Rim Eyeglasses
Watch-*BLITZED* Legacy watch – black
Tie-[ bubble ] Punky Black Tie
T-shirt- NANUK elov ripped collar shirt white
Vest-{Gisaci} Classic Zion Vest – Black
Pants-ARAI Nonwash Denim
Boots-BC322 Work Boots Dr.Murders

Poses-Long Awkward PoseDiesel Works

3 thoughts on “Inspired: Bronson Twine

  1. Bronson has impeccable style, a great sense of humor, and is a really awesome friend! <3

  2. Chance, I love the pictures and I’m humbled by your words. Thanks once again.

  3. Bronson makes men’s shopping in SL look easy! His style rocks! :) Great post Chancey!!!

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