Mesh Around For Dudes!

THE EGO CO., Mesh Around 2012 grid wide hunt will launch June 1st 2012 and run through June 15th 2012.  All MESH, all for you!  Hunt it, love it, get all the things!  Oh and gentleman, there are plenty of creators who put unisex or male & female versions of their item out for the hunt.  No reason to not get your hunt on!  Here is a preview.   Also be sure to check out the other posts from my fellow Mesh Around bloggers, here!

Mesh Around For Dudes


*Mesh Around Hunt Items (Available June 1st thru June 15th)


Shirt & Shoes-Has Been – Mesh Around Bowling Shirt & Shoes

Non Hunt Items:

Skin-NIVARO– Crow Skin – summertone

Eyes-Mayfly Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Glacial Dusk)

NEW–Entente- Au Fait Jeans  (Blog post with new Entente items coming soon)

Socks-Pig Striped Socks Mit Suspenders – Black/Red


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