The Simple Things

Second Life™ is booming with events and mesh this season and I am having a blast decorating the house and adding to my wardrobe.  I picked up a few more things from CHIC² which runs until June 24th.  The Zachary set from Isla Gealach is just one of the astounding mesh products she is honoring us with from her great shop Cheeky Pea.  

Isla shared that she made the Zachary set with dudes in mind, and you can tell.  The best part, aside from its MESH is the drink rezzer!

SHAG has an amazing new style for CHIC² that has just rolled out of bed and tied up in a knot written all over it.  It’s a fresh change from the shorter styles and the quality you expect from SHAG.

Zigana released a lovely framed sketch for CHIC² that inspired me to work on a few of my own again.  I haven’t sketched anything since my wedding in which I gave Mrs. Raynier a sketch of us.

Coupled with a new release from A:S:S,which Mrs. Raynier is going to absolutely love as she is addicted to rainbows,  I enjoyed a lazy hour with a pint or three and some great music.  It’s the simple things that make a day sometimes, and this was such a day.  Take some time today to enjoy the little things, you’ll be thankful you did.

The Simple Things

What I Am Wearing:

Skin-NIVARO– Crow Skin summertone

Eyes-Mayfly Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Glacial Dusk)

[Shag] – Pipeline – Fade to black (Available for CHIC² from June 3rd – 24th)

Hairbase-AITUI Standard Hair Base 002 Black

Facial Hair-Zovo Rocker (light) Black & *[FAKE] :: Stubble Sunday Morning :: Black

Shirt-A:S:S June tanks (MESH)

Jeans-Entente Couleur Jeans

Socks-Pig Argyle Sock M. Suspender – Posey

Shoes-RG Miles Sneakers -Light

Chair & Table-:CP: Zachary (Available for CHIC² from June 3rd – 24th)

Framed Print-Zigana drawings [ Here.. ] (Available for CHIC² from June 3rd – 24th)

*Promotional Copies-Thank You!

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