Sometimes, Laughter IS The Best Medicine

Sometimes Laughter IS The Best Medicine

What I Am Wearing:

Skin-NIVARO Crow Skin summertone

Hair-[Atro Patena] Yancy Jet (Available @ The Mens Dept)

Hairbase-AITUI Standard Hair Base 001 Black

*Eyes-ID Warrior Mesh Aqua  (Available @ The Mens Dept)

Facial Hair-Zovo 5 O’clock

*Glasses-Intrigue Co. Red Damask Glasses (Available @ Collabor88 August 8th 2012)

*Shirt-(CM) Messy Shirt (white w/ red tie) (Available @ The Mens Dept)

Watch-MANDALA Hokusai Bracelet /BLACK Silver Metal

*Pants-[LOVE RE ME]Cropped Pants CheckD02 (Available @ The Mens Dept)

Socks-Pig Argyle Sock M. Suspender – Fire Engine Red

Shoes-J’s Short Boots Laceup

Scooter-19MC D-Hello

What Tiger Is Wearing:

KittyCats Summer Straw Hat

KittyCats Couture Vest & Matching Collar-Love Red

*Promotional Copy-Thank you!

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