Archibald Fundraiser

On August 11, 2012 respected creator and loving pet owner Gospel Voom’s beautiful cat Archibald was hit by a car.  Archie managed with great strength of will and courage, to make it home after the accident.  Taken to the vets, Archie was cared for and treated for horrible head and facial wounds.  As you can see from this image, the damage is rather horrific.  Fractures to the front of his head, miraculously no internal damage, yet extensive damage to his jaw and eyes, the roof of his mouth which prevented normal breathing.   The veterinary team had Gos take Archie to a specialist and by August 17th he was allowed to return home with his loving owner.

Archibald has eye damage, possibly blind in both, a sutured jaw, missing teeth and he has survived.  I do not list off his injuries to cause distress, yet you can clearly see from the photograph that he is in quite the state.  Hit by a car, and he survived.  That is to me the epitome of bravery and heroism.  For that is what Archie is, a hero and a testimony to the love of pet and owner.  Gos did not give up on his Archie, and as one can only imagine the cost for the veterinary care is astronomical.

I look at Archie’s photograph and I sob, for it breaks my heart, yet to me Archie is above and beyond a pet, a cat, a hero.

To aid Gos in the heavy cost for Archie’s care, a fundraiser is being held at Truth District.  Creators have come together to offer their items for this special feline and I urge you to help Gos & Archie no matter what your contribution, every little bit helps.  If you prefer to donate directly, there are plenty of kiosks to do so.  Archie Appeal at Truth District  Items can be previewed at SeraphimSL

Archie Appeal Fundraising Event @ Truth District

A personal message from Gabriella, myself and a few of our virtual KittyCats.

Archie, Our Hero

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