All Creatures Great And Small

When I was a child mon Mama used to tell me fairy tales that her grandmama told her.  Amazing tales of the Duendes. the Fairies who lived in the home, coming out at night to whisk about and make mischief and beauty.  As the tale went, if you did not do your chores, left dishes out or the laundry undone, they would be disapproving and make mischief, throwing the clothes all over the house and hiding the plates in odd places.   If you continued to be lax in your chores and forgot to leave cream out for them, or some shiny bauble, they would grow angry and destroy the house!

Mon Mama described them so beautifully, how they had resplendent angelic wings and beautiful features, wearing lush gossamer silks that wisped about their tiny bodies and wings in an ethereal display of beauty.

As I grew, I continued to soak up tales of the wee folk, in every culture I could read about.  When Baiastice created amazing fairies for this current round of the Arcade, I had to have them all.  My favorite is the one I hold in my hand in the photograph below, she is Sleepy and so beautifully tranquil, her wings and hair of gold, porcelain skin and silken pale mint dress – she looks just as my mind conjured when mon Mama described the duendes.

I recall asking mon Mama why we could not see the duendes, or only get little glimpses of them, yet never touch them or keep them.  She said that they were not meant to be kept for they were drawn to their freedom, to roam the vast world and that when they chose to stay with us for a while, we were blessed by their presence.  She explained that when they choose to go back to their world, we were sometimes graced with being asked to aid them in their return.  So I set Sleepy free, even as she asked me to let her nap just a little longer, resting in the palm of my hand, so trusting and beautiful.  Perhaps one day she will return to me in my dreams, and fill them with the magic of the duendes.

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The 411:

Skin-[K]lean Body Shop – TYLER skin

*Hat-Fruk Apex Hat – Nox RARE (Available @ The Arcade Gacha – September 1, 2013)

*Facial Hair-[K] TYLER Facial Hair – Stubble – Black

*Jacket & Shirt-FATEwear Jacket – Leon (Free FATEwear subscriber gift!)

*Backpack-DECO – MESH His Ursula Pack (black) (Available @ Collabor88 September 8th)

*Bracelet-Noodles – Fall Into You Charm Bracelet Gold (Available @ Collabor88 September 8th)

*Belt-Aux – Foxy Tails – (RIGGED)- Add on – Black (Available @ Collabor88 September 8th)

Pants-grasp Damaged skinny jeans/AllColorus/Mens


*Fairy-Baiastice_ Porcelaine Fairies – Sleepy (Available @ The Arcade Gacha – September 1, 2013)

Pose-Inertia – Dropped It

Location-Nostos Deer


* Promotional Copy – Thank you for your generosity!

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