The Men’s Department – January 2014

The 5th is upon us and the first Men’s Department of 2014 is here!  And what a grand collection it is this first round of the new year.  Literally packed from wall to wall, there are countless items to choose from, and just about every category covered from: home & decor, menswear, footwear, unisex styles, skins, hair, you name it!

Cheeky Pea has created a spectacularly whimsical and clever Salty Bar with a seafarer’s theme that is truly unique for any home, shop or bar.  With adult or pg versions, this is a prop to surely enhance your SLife.

As if in sync, floorplan has a set of linguistically varied marque lights celebrating beer!

All this and more at the first round of The Men’s Department for 2014, open now.

Link to larger image on flickr

Decor 411:

:CP: Salty Bar (Available Januaryr 5th 2014 @ The Mens Dept)

floorplan. beer marquee (Available Januaryr 5th 2014 @ The Mens Dept)

MESHWORX ~ Masanori v3c (Available @ faMESHed January 1st 2014)


* Promotional Copy – Thank you for your generosity!

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