Going Home

A home is as versatile as its inhabitants.  We create a space that reflects our life, our goals and our desires.  The beautiful thing about SecondLife is that we can change that home on a whim, easily lifting our furnishings, going from modern to country or whatever style you choose.  The possibilities are endless and the talent here in SecondLife make that so much fun with all their creations.

What’s in your home?



Decor 411:

.:Standby Inc. – Akira Desk (Available @ Collabor88 January 8 2014)

.:Standby Inc. – Furnace (Available @ Collabor88 January 8 2014)

[Con.] Canopy Bed – Oak – ADULT (Seasons Story)

Scarlet Creative Nostaglia Bed Wood/Gold (Available @ Collabor88 January 8 2014)

MESHWORX ~ Tambora Fireplace Decay (Mod/Copy, No Trans) (Available Januaryr 5th 2014 @ The Mens Dept)

Structure 411:

Trompe Loeil – Sparrow Hill Lodge Larger (Available @ Collabor88 January 8 2014)



One thought on “Going Home

  1. my home is empty :-)

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