About Chance Raynier

I became a resident of the virtual world Second Life™  September 2009.

Inspired by other Second Life™ bloggers Strawberry Singh, Bronson Twine a.k.a (ir)regular guy and Harlow Heslop I took the plunge and began sharing my style and images in May of 2011.

I do not alter my images. They are raw shots from Second Life placed in framing before posting.  If I ever decide to alter an image in Photoshop I will indicate that I have done so.  However, my goal with my photographs is to showcase the many amazing items we can procure in Second Life as they were created, meaning unaltered with the use of windlight settings only.  That means, no I do not smooth out ankles and prims to look better.

I often share personal thoughts, opinions or things that are important to me, especially my adventures with my beautiful wife, Gabriella.  I am after all not a mannequin just putting on clothes, but an explorer in a virtual world.

I am an avid roleplayer, music lover, film buff and comic book collector.  Above all else, I am a creative soul and Second Life™ provides a platform for me to express my creativity where I am no longer able in real life due to chronic illness and pain.

Thank you for visiting!

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