Punk Bunnies Of The World Unite And Take Over!

Punk Bunnies: Lupa, Chance, Gabriella

(I’ll add slurls later, when I’m less tired!)

What Lupa Is Wearing: 

Glasses-*Epic* Kyoot Nerdy Glasses! {Black} RS -Click to resize-

Hair-+BM+ TIARA Purple

Avatar-BB:: Winter Bunny Gacha (Mink)

Bracelet-Fusion Cord Cross Bracelet (female)

Necklace-Fusion Cord Cross Multi Necklace (female)

Walkman-FONY Walkman Created By Lupa Serenity

Skirt-Tallulah Dress – Skirt (PINK)

Carrot-WD Bunny Carrot Created By Lupa Serenity

What Chance Is Wearing:

Hair-+BM+ Rush 03  Red/Blue

Avatar-BB:: Winter Bunny Gacha (Bandit)

Glasses-HOC – Rectangle Framed Glasses #001

Wrist-*BLITZED* Brutal Cuffs – Old leather black – Left (male)

Knife-*BLITZED* Marauder Armband- black leather/metal- RIGHT (M)

Jacket-.:L&B:. S’Wear Leather  Vest:Plain Bl

Necklace-T.E.D. Tass/blk

Suspender-[SP] Spiked Sanity Penders (punk plaid red)~Pepper~ i-pepper

What Gabriella Is Wearing:

Hair-+BM+ Belch 02 Blonde/Pink

Avatar-BB:: Winter Bunny Gacha (Cookie)

Bathing Top – Pirates Cove (chest)

Necklace-(NS) Rock’n’Rolla Chain

Skirt-Tallulah Dress – Skirt (PINK)


Seasons Gatcha!

The Seasons Hunt was by far my utmost favorite hunt in Second Life.  I remember discovering it when I was a new resident and how much it opened up my eyes to amazing shops that I still frequent today.  The main one is Fir & Mna, a find I will cherish always for it’s definitely my style.   When the Seasons Hunt came to an end, I know I was really bummed!  So when the little birdies came out of their hiding places in the snow covered trees and whispered of something amazing to come, my ears perked and my shopaholic heart pitter-pattered.

The Seasons Gatcha Event: WINTER

Each season, we will be given a gatcha event!  I love gatchas, they are like gambling for shoppers and I so love to gamble.  You never know what you gonna get, and that is part of the fun!  I really love when a rare item makes my eyes go all dreamy and my palms itch to own it.  I hit the gatcha vendor over and over until I get it, and a few times I get really lucky and get them on first go.

I dragged Mrs. Raynier around the beautifully decorated gatcha area located on the My Pants sim and we had a blast.  We spent obscene money but every penny was well worth it.  I put together some of my great finds and lounged around on my new bed from the event, waiting for Mrs. Raynier to get home.  I’m hoping she’ll want to see whats beneath the hat! *wink wink*

You can find out more and see photos of the gatcha items at SeraphimSL who as always do an amazing job of covering our great events in Second Life.  Head on over, you’ll be glad you did!

Seasons Gatcha-Winter

What I Am Wearing:

Skin-Belleza Jakob Tan

Eyes-Fashism ’Sunrise’ Eyes – Turquoise

Ears-AITUI (Type 2) Stretched Ear – Human – 1/2″

Facial Hair- VCD  Express Yourself – Facial Hair – Corto – LJ – DARK

Everything below available at The Seasons Gatcha Event: WINTER

Bed-[*Art Dummy!] to rest. (platform, 4 poster bed, white)

Hat-[Sleepy Eddy] Gacha hat (Check-c)

Scarf-[Ill] Illusory_Zoo Friend Scarf – White Tiger

Wristband-*FIR & MNA* Trinity Wrist Tie – Canvas

Pants-NANUK norr long underwear bottom bear

Socks-Lark – Cozy Socks (Argyle Soot)

Poses-Glitterati & Long Awkward Pose