Together For Sway!

SecondLife is full of amazing people.  From residents to DJs, artists, bloggers, photographers  singers, builders, event organizers, models and of course designer/creators, we are a varied community.  One very spectacular designer that I have always had a great respect and admiration for is the lovely Sway Dench.

Whimsical, detailed and unique are words I will always associate with the creations found at Sway’s, wonderfully eclectic shop filled with Sway Dench’s one of a kind creations.

Sway was diagnosed with a brain tumor and is scheduled for surgery at the end of January 2013.  As one can imagine this alone is a huge life changing medical issue, not only physically but emotionally.  I suffer from chronic illness and know how much it effects even the smallest things we so often take for granted, from doing house chores to laundry, to even getting to the market.  It equally effects your ability to work, and that is the key here with the lovely Sway for her beautiful shop of her exquisite creations is her income.  Recover after the surgery will leave her in a state that she can not create, thus her income is in danger for several months during that necessary recovery time.

Our amazing SecondLife community came together to help.

Together for Sway was created by Valena Vacano, and will be graciously hosted by Isla Gealach. It will span from December 15th -31st and will be 100% charity, absolutely no profit.

Together For Sway

Together For Sway

As you can see a great deal of exceptional creators, and kind hearts have come together to offer items to the community for an amazing reason, we simply love and care for Sway Dench, and want her to have a speedy recovery that is stress free.  If you are so inclined to be a part of Together For Sway, please keep an eye on the official site for the landmark to the event and enjoy the shopping, knowing you are helping in a big way.

Together For Sway

Together For Sway

Sway, to you I offer these simple words, you are very loved and treasured.  To a speedy recovery and a spectacular year filled with joy and love.  We’re rooting for you!

Together For Sway Items:

FATEwear Shirt – Sidney – Forest

Funky Junk  Noelle Cottage

*Sway’s Angels

All available at midnight.