And All That Jazz

The 411:

Skin-Belleza Jacob SK

*Eyes- Vision by A:S:S – Adref eyes – forever yours

Hat- flow . Hat – The Joshua Tree (Available August 5th @ The Mens Dept)

Shirt-T-REDGRAVE Summer Shirt Adam – Black (Available August 5th @ The Mens Dept)

Undershirt-Entente- Classic Tee – Red – Short Sleeve

Necklace-KOSH- AVAIN NECKLACE -pewter

*Pants-L&B Pants (Tucked)-( MED) Moto – Ribbed Leather Multi

Shoes-[Gos] Triumph Boots – Male – Oxblood – Tight

Guitar-.:Standby Inc. – World Tour – Electric Guitar [Flame] (for Rez)

Dice-the Dice by Abiss (Available August 5th @ The Mens Dept)

Bench-22769 ~ [bauwerk] Decks Chair (Available August 5th @ The Mens Dept)

*:CP: Crail Bookcases (Available for The Neighbourhood August 3rd @ Midnight – 24 HRS only!)

* Promotional Copy – Thank you for your generosity!

The Mens Dept – Timeless

What I Am Wearing:

Skin-NIVARO- Dan Skin – “MD Beard Edition” – nohair_bald (Available May 6th @ The Mens Dept)

Eyes- .ID. Warrior / Mesh Eyes / Aqua

Glasses-K_gs Tahua

Hat-Blink The Gambler (Available May 6th @ The Mens Dept)

*Shirt-NERD:P Shirt NO.002  (Available May 6th @ The Mens Dept)

Pants-22769 ~ [homme] baggy capris (Available May 6th @ The Mens Dept)

Shoes-[LOVE RE ME]Sneaker01 Red (Available @ faMESHed June 2013)

Decor-22769 ~ [bauwerk] Vintage Soda Machine  (Available May 6th @ The Mens Dept)

Pose-Poseology (Available May 6th @ The Mens Dept)

Structure-epia warehouse



88 Man

Events are a blast in SecondLife, I enjoy them greatly, and have gotten pretty methodical about my shopping.  You see, I not only go shop for myself, but I make a list of all the things I want to buy Mrs. Raynier.  It is always a great perk when a vendor has gifting options that way I can send her all the things!  We then head on over to the event and shop together, pointing out what we like what colors or patterns we prefer.  If the event is ultra crowded we wait a few days so we can go together.

I have had conversations here and there with other residents about events in SL and often they do not know where to keep track of what is going on, or haven’t heard about certain events on the proverbial SL street.  I always point residents to SeraphimSL and urge them to add Seraphim to their RSS reader or subscribe in some fashion to keep up to date with the events they cover.

Another hang-up some residents have mentioned, and this is mainly the guys, feeling there is nothing at those events for the dudes.  Not true!  For example, this round of Collabor88 has Atro Patena putting out a new version of Nicholas, aptly named Nicholas II.  We also of course thankfully have the amazing event The Men’s Department which has been a fantastic event for men BUT not limited to just the male gender.  That’s what I love about events, you can find a little of everything at most of them, it just takes a little looking around and often the courage to look outside the box.

Take this great bow-tie necklace from Yummy, you may approach it with the thought that it is for girls only, well I challenge that and say nay, it’s for anyone that it fits their style, and we all know how much I love my bow-ties in real life and SL, so for me it was a must wear.

Think outside the box and dare to be yourself, no matter what the packaging shows, if it appeals to you, wear it!

88 Man

What I Am Wearing:

Skin-NIVARO Crow Skin summertone
Hair-[Atro Patena] – Nicolas II_Black (Available @ Collabor88 March 8th 2013)
Eyes-.ID. .ID. Glare [TMD] / Mesh Eyes / Aqua / (Available March 5th @ The Mens Dept)
Glasses-K_gs Domino 1.00 (Available March 5th @ The Mens Dept)
Necklace-(Yummy) Vintage Bow Charm Necklace (Available @ Collabor88 March 8th 2013)
Shirt-22769 ~ [homme] asymmetric shirt black/red (Available March 5th @ The Mens Dept)
Structure-*[ba] haight apartment skybox (Available @ Collabor88 March 8th 2013)

Game Day

The Mens Dept has an exceptional round this month, then again when doesn’t it!  The event location is going to be packed with items from so many varying designers  it’s bound to be a hit.

Who doesn’t want a new skin from Belleza for 150L!  Belleza is offering  an exclusive updated version of Jacob and he will be available at The Mens Dept on Febuary 5th.

This is such a great skin, versatile and has the stylin’ chin beard which is a favorite of mine.

Take a look at this go to 2 layer tee from the talented boys at 22769!  Everyone needs that comfortable shirt especially for Game Day!  Today is Super Bowl Sunday and the Niners made it so California is buzzing with football fever.  This tee combo was perfect for lounging on the couch to watch and gettin’ my barbecue on.  Have a great Sunday and don’t forget to mark the 5th for TMD.


Game Day

What I Am Wearing:

Skin-Belleza- Jacob Men’s Dept Feburay 2013 (Available @ The Mens Department February 5th 2013!)
Hair-Atro Patena Neo
Eyes-.ID. Warrior Mesh Aqua
Shirt-22769 ~ [homme] double tee Pi (Available @ The Mens Department February 5th 2013!)
Pants-ISPACHI Mesh [Renwick Jeans]  – Blue (Available @ faMESHed February 2013)
Structure-Trompe Loeil NYC66
Pose- Diesel Works Dante1

TMD: Miles From Where You Are

Miles From Where You Are

What I Am Wearing:

Skin-NIVARO Crow Skin summertone

Hairbase-Entente Hairbase – B&W – Midnight black

Facial Hair-Entente Facial Hair B – Beard Deux – Black

Hat-Entente Batista Fedora

Eyes-.ID. Spark [Mens Dept.] / Mesh Eyes / Aqua (Available @ The Mens Dept-November 5th)

Necklace-lassitude & ennui Scorpio key necklace – silver / red (Available At Zodiac)

Shirt-22769 ~ [homme] oversized shirt teal stripe (Available @ The Mens Dept-November 5th)

Watch-Entente Tardif Watch

Pants-22769 ~ [homme] Skater Pants Black Corduroy (Available @ The Mens Dept-November 5th)

Shoes-2Real CUTTLERZ

Structure-Virtual Decay Subway station

Pose-Bounce This Poses Guy Pack 2 – 3

Among The Fields Of Gold

The Mens Dept brings a great amount of creativity to the grid in one convenient place each month.  For October, I am excited that the items are very cool to cold weather appropriate.  This high detail parka from the brilliant duo of 22769 is just the perfect kind of jacket I like to wear when the weather cools off.  Being in Southern California, we do not get very cold weather, and being hot blooded I tend to not wear anything warmer than what you see me in below.

KOSH joins this round of TMD with a bracelet and necklace set called Copeck.  The detail is wonderful, and it comes in a few choices of metals.  I have on the antique, it reminded me of old skeleton keys which I love.

The footwear I have on is also from this new round of TMD, brought to you by LOVE RE ME, this pair of brown boots could not be more perfect for the Autumn season.  They also come in different colors, red, black and the brown you see me wearing.  You can get all the great gear at TMD on October 5th!

Available now, the buttons I am wearing on my jacket are from Sway’s and are a gacha item which makes them even more fun since we all know how addicted to gachas I am!  I wear Spain and France in honor of my ancestors.  Which will you pin, find out over at Sway’s!

Among The Fields Of Gold

What I Am Wearing:

Skin-NIVARO Crow Skin summertone

Hairbase-Entente Hairbase – B&W – Midnight black

Hair-*Alice Project* Aiden – Infinity (Available @ FaMESHed  October 2012)

Eyes-.ID. Flare [Mens Dept.] / Mesh Eyes / Blue-Green (Available @ The Mens Dept October 5th 2012)

Facial Hair-Zovo Beard Light, Aphotic Gloom A.G. Magnus Facial Hair Sideburns #1 Clean

Jacket-22769 ~ [homme] Parka Blue Midnight (Available @ The Mens Dept October 5th 2012)

Shirt-Whippet & Buck Mark Long Sleeve Henley IVORY

*Pants-FATEwear Pants – Jack – Lagoon

Shoes-[LOVE RE ME]Boots#01  BROWN (Available @ The Mens Dept October 5th 2012)

*Buttons-Sway’s PinButton [Flag] France, Spain

Pose-Frozen Panty-Editorial-Male5

*Promotional Copies-Thank You!

The Men’s Dept September Preview: 22769

The Men’s Dept. September line up is superb, again!  A fine wine gets better with time, and so is the case with the Men’s Dept, better with each round.  Make sure you set aside some time to head over to the Men’s Dept.  I am loving this flame blazer from the talented gents at 22769.  It spurred me blast the Doors and get my rock n’ roll on.  There are additional patterns available which you can get a sneak peek of on the official flickr group from my insanely talented fellow bloggers.

Come On Baby Light My Fire

What I Am Wearing:

Skin-NIVARO Crow Skin summertone

Hair-Dura Boys&Girls*35(Black)

Hairbase-Entente Hairbase – B&W – Midnight black

*Eyes-Poetic Colors classic gen4 – tropical reef – small medium  (Available @ The Mens Dept)

Glasses-Gos Custom Sunglasses v3.2 – AVIATOR [loaded]

Facial Hair-Zovo Shaggy

*Jacket-22769 ~ [homme] Dandy Jacket Flames (Available @ The Mens Dept)
Necklace-MG Necklace – Barcelona – Group 3 (Available @ FaMESHed September 2012)

Ring-Remarkable Oblivi0n  Duality White (Right)

Pants-Lapointe & Bastchild S’Wear ” Buckled Biker” Leather pants

Guitar Bag-SEY GuitarBag/A

Shoes-[monso] My Leather Oxford

Pose-Purple Poses Nicholas

*Promotional Copies-Thank You!

Vintage Fair Preview-evolve & 22769: We Could Be Heroes

Only a couple more days until  Vintage Fair 2012 opens!  BellaStarr Fheng aka Bella of evolve poses has created and exclusive for Vintage Fair that I had a great time using in this photograph.  I love evolve poses, they are versatile, flow beautifully and it’s no surprise as Bella is an amazing photographer.

From the moment I saw Bella’s ad I knew what I wanted to do, the image started forming.  Add this great mesh army shirt from the talented boys at 22769 and that image in my mind came to full light. The end result is not too shabby!

We Could Be Heroes

From Left To Right

What Chase Is Wearing:

Skin-Belleza Dylan SK

Eyes-I.D. Heterochromia Blue/Green

Hat-Entente Castro

Hairbase-Sacred Hairbase chin patch 2

Shirt-SEY Military_shirt_Emblem Dark Green

Necklace-MANDALA Shamira Dog Tag

Undershirt-VITAMEN Ribbed Cotton Tank

Pants-RONSEM Cargo Pants / olive

Shoes-DECO Combat Boots

What I Am Wearing:

Skin-NIVARO Crow Skin summertone

Hairbase-AITUI Standard Hair Base 001 Black

Eyes-Mayfly Liquid Light Mesh Eyes (Glacial Night)

Hat-Entente Castro

Facial Hair-Sacred 2.0 Mustache

Shirt-22769 [homme] Armyshirt green (Available @ Vintage Fair August 4th, 2012)

Necklace-MANDALA Shamira Dog Tag

Undershirt-VITAMEN Ribbed Cotton Tank

Pants-[ h ] Cargo Pants Green Camo

Boots-DECO MESH Jumpboots

What Mathias Is Wearing:

Skin-Belleza Jakob Tan

Eyes-Mayfly Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Arctic Glacier)

Hat-Entente Castro

Hairbase-AITUI Standard Hair Base 001 Black

Facial Hair-EMORTAL CONCEPTS blk Chin Curtain~Goatee

Tattoo GoK Dead Elvis

Jacket-[ h ] Military Jacket – Mesh Black

Necklace-MANDALA Shamira Dog Tag

Undershirt-Pig Dad Tank Linen

Pants-RONSEM Cargo Pants / olive

Boots-DECO Trail Boot

*Pose-.evolve.ballers. (Available @ Vintage Fair August 4th, 2012)

Zodiac-Leo: Unwavering Loyalty

Zodiac Leo Unwavering Loyalty

What I Am Wearing:

Skin-NIVARO Crow Skin summertone

Hair-INK Hair ABSP Black  (Available @ Hair Fair 2012 July 14th-July 29th)

Hairbase-Entente B&W – Midnight black

Eyes-Mayfly Liquid Light Mesh Eyes (Glacial Night)

Glasses-K_gs Marq 1.oo

Facial Hair-Zovo Goatee & Shaggy

Shirt & Pants-22769 ~ [homme] lion in zion (Available @ Zodiac July 23rd thru August 17th)

Shoes-RONSEM male sandals mesh

Pose-Diesel Works

Wall Art-[Starstruck] Strength, Wisdom, Courage Wall-Art (Available @ Zodiac July 23rd thru August 17th)

Interior Furniture-{what next} Amalfi Cafe Set for Two (Bondi) (On sale for Lazy Sunday)

Hair Fair 2012-Colors & MADesigns

Put The Needle On The Record

What I Am Wearing:

Skin-NIVARO Crow Skin summertone

Hair-Colors 57 JetBlack (Available @ Hair Fair 2012 July 14th-July 29th)

Hairbase-Entente B&W – Midnight black

Eyes-Mayfly Liquid Light Mesh Eyes (Glacial Night)

Glasses-K_gs Stomp 1.00

Facial Hair-Zovo Goatee

Shirt-22769 ~ [homme] champaign longsleeve (Available @ The Gallery Gift Shop)

Bag-Tea Time Rock’n’roll Bag Mesh



What Chase Is Wearing:

Skin-Dylan SK (Available @ The Mens Dept-July 7th)

Hair & Hairbase-MADesigns ELCON ~ Club Black V (Available @ Hair Fair 2012 July 14th-July 29th)

Ears-AITUI [MESH] – 1″ Stretched Ears

Eyes-I.D. Heterochromia Blue/Green (Available @ The Mens Dept-July 7th)

Jacket-[ h ] Military Jacket – Mesh Black

Pants-Razorblade Jacket Jawbreaker Grunge Jeans Worn Blue w/ boxers (Available @ The Mens Dept-July 7th)