The Arcade Gacha Events: December!

December 1st is just around the corner, and with the Winter holiday it brings about a spectacular December round of the Arcade Gacha Events!  An event that I personally can not resist, for I am addicted to gachas and the atmosphere of the old time penny arcade and carnival just makes my inner child ecstatic!

Anyone who spends even a minute with me will quickly learn that I am a total geek, a clown and a big kid.  This event could not be more appealing unless it had dancin’ gators singin’ Jambalaya with me.  The moment I step foot on the boardwalk of the Arcade location, I grin.  And not some super model grin, no, not even the stoic royal family grin, nope not me.  I lay on the huge cheesy grin because that moment I see those gacha machines, the colors and light, the new beautiful carousel, my inner child takes over and runs for the doors.

With a firm push of hand and sneaker to the doors, I immediately looked around with big eyes and bouncing heels.  The chime and ding ding clatter clang of the gacha machines sang the melody that would boost my determination to get all the shiny things to take home to Mrs. Raynier.  For how better to woo your lady fair or dashing lord than to bring them treasures aplenty, laid at their feet!

The addition of the amazing pinball machine gachas, the claw machine and fortune teller,  had me reminiscing about my childhood.  I emptied my pockets into all the machines and was extremely lucky to get a few things right away that would be in my booty of treasure to bestow upon ma cherie amour Gabriella.  No matter what it may be, if it has rainbows or pink, I have to get it for Gabby!

A few machines were not so nice and I called them several curses in French and may have kicked them a time or twenty.  But that is the fun of the gachas, you might get really lucky on your first round, you may still have that elusive shiny item not come to you after 583 tries!  Yeah, I get the gacha fever, and my inventory swells due to it.  So I hope like me, you planned ahead and tucked away your gacha monies, because this round is beyond my vocabulary to describe properly, you simply have to see it to believe it!  Oh and don’t tell Mrs. Raynier, she isnt gettin the tiara, it’s mine!

The Arcade Gacha Events-December

What I Am Wearing:

Skin-NIVARO Crow Skin summertone

Hair & Hairbase-Exile Revolver: Raven

Facial Hair-Zovo Beard Goatee Black

Eyes-.ID. Mesh Warrior Eyes Aqua

Shirt-FATEwear Shirt – George – VolcanicTundra

Pants-FATEwear Pants – John – Lagoon

Shoes-[ JP ]:dsg. Sneaker Senesy / Multi-color

Gacha Booty (Available @ The Arcade December 1st 2012)

#13 *katat0nik* (sky/candy bunny) Stuffed Animal Purse
Intrigue Co. – Plushie Pals: Doodle the Rooster
MG – Necklace – Love Teddy Bear – BRONZE
Noodles – Glass Slipper Tiara Gold/Sapphire
PIDIDDLE – My Special Treasures – Some Gumballs
[ glow ] studio Birdy Glasses (gold2)
[Aux]Fly Free – Pegasus (RARE)
*A special thank you to all the creators & designers who so generously offered their items to the event bloggers.  Your creations are appreciated by this humble Cajun.

The Arcade Gacha Event Preview-Feed Your Inner Child!I

It is almost time for the ARCADE Gacha Event,opening to the public on September 15th!  I am excited to bring you a preview of the venue and the amazing items you can find within this fun filled event.   Set in a penny arcade theme, you are immediately taken into a whimsical world that is sure to get your inner child to perk up.

The Arcade Gacha Events

Not only is the venue absolutely stunning, but it consistently offers vibrant colors, organization and again FUN FUN FUN!

The Arcade Gacha Events

Just look at the superb gacha machines, how much detail and just greatness went into these!

The Arcade Gacha Events

I spent a good hour emptying my coins into the gacha machines.  Here are a few of my fantastic finds!  The afternoon was spent enjoying my new toys and I can’t wait for Mrs. Raynier to get home so we can play together.  My inner child is grinning from ear to ear, this was just the pick me up I needed.  Be sure to put your Lindens aside for the event, you are sure to snag something that will have you grinning and doing cartwheels over.  Have fun, and be sure to share your finds on the official FLICKR group.   When the gates open to the public, I hope to see you there, I’ll be the crazy guy feeding any machines Mrs. Raynier wants a rare from!

Feed Your Inner Child

What I Am Wearing:

Skin-NIVARO Crow Skin summertone

Hair- Pocket Mirrors Adriano Curly Black

*Eyes-Poetic Colors classic gen4 – tropical reef – small medium  (Available @ The Mens Dept)

Glasses-K_gs Forgen 1.01

Facial Hair-Zovo Beard Light, Aphotic Gloom A.G. Magnus Facial Hair Sideburns #1 Clean

Shirt & Vest-SEY Gilet(FAT)+T-shirt (fatpack on sale on marketplace 40% off until Sept. 20th)

Pants-FATEwear Pants – John – Lagoon

Items I Am Wearing From The Arcade Gacha Events-September:

Shoes-DECO – MESH Thunder Bolt left (blackred)
*Ears-[Auxiliary] Gacha_Mouse Ears (Bow) – Black1
*Watch-#6 *katat0nik* (candy sky) Nada Watch

Props & Goodies From The Arcade Gacha Events-September:

R(S)W Paper Airplane – Class Notes
R(S)W Coloring Book – Open
R(S)W Crayon Group – 5
R(S)W Paper Pad
*R(S)W Crayon Box – 48 Colors!
*Intrigue Co. – Plushie Pals: Circus the Clownfish PROMO COPY
Intrigue Co. – Plushie Pals: Ursula the Octopus
Intrigue Co. – Plushie Pals: Elle the Dolphin
!O: Humpty for Breakfast
!O: Animal Spice Gatcha

Structure-[AF] LONDON Apartment

Pose-Oracul Assassin AO

*Promotional Copies-Thank You!