With Love Hunt

Winter is full of fun and festive activities, and we are only 2 days into December!  Some of that holiday fun is brought to the grid by CHIC Management’s With Love Hunt.  This hunt is fabulous, and one I looked forward to each year long before I was a blogger.  The hunt items are always so lovely and at only 10L, for the exceptional quality, it’s more than worth it!

December brings about the need to feel cozy, comfy and warm.  Bundling up and spending time with your friends, family and loved ones by the fire, while the snow falls softly outside, blanketing the world in white.  Sadly we do not get snow in Hollywood, but like so many things that I am unable to experience in my real world, SecondLife makes it possible.

I’ve been rather sick, so forgive the delay in bringing this great hunt to my humble little blog.  As many of you know, Mrs. Raynier and I have been struggling moreso with our varying illnesses, and spending far too much time laid up sick in bed than either of us can stand.  That also cuts our time together down, which makes us grumpy and sad.  We try to stay connected as much as possible, through texts and little short calls.

This great pose and prop by Adorkable Poses made me think of our text messages to each other, little sweet silly things to make each other laugh, messages to say hey, I am thinking of you and love you.  That has been ongoing quit a bit for us this weekend since I came down with a horrible stomach flu and on top of it, I have the good old fashioned flu.  The combination has been brutal and I am likely rambling since I have a fever and feel like road kill, so forgive my chatty fingers.

So many items in the With Love Hunt are for home and hearth.  I absolutely love the chalkboard from Evolve, it truly had the perfect message for this whole hunt and my sappy heart.  The kitchen set from floorplan is simple yet so lively, with color change table and varying colored chairs, you can surely find a place for it.  The entertainment center is from Alouette and is so detailed, with that same cozy feel that really all the hunt items posses in my eyes.  The Manhattan table lamp is from Apple Fall which always produces amazing items, the shade alone is so detailed, you really get lost in the map pattern.

My ring is from Kunglers, it’s rather gorgeous with an earthy boho feel.  It comes with a matching necklace too!   A great his and hers winter set from SAKIDE is also available at the hunt.  I am wearing the SAKIDE First Frost Pull in grey and it just has the look and feel of a well made Aran knit sweater aka Irish knit sweater.  My comfy fun  reindeer slippers are from EPIC, I don’t think I will take them off anytime soon, just look at that face!

I topped my hunt look with an item from the Arcade, the coveted Miamai_TCS_Unicorn SUPERRARE Sparkles hat!  Because if anything can make me feel better, it has to be a unicorn hat!

Forgive my laziness but I’m going to leave out credits as I am wearing what I usually do, and have listed out the hunt items in my rambling.  All slurls to the hunt participants can be found here.

Have a great rest of your weekend and happy hunting!


With Love Hunt

Celebrity Skin

Meet Cooper, the  newest addition to the Belleza skin line!  A male skin, that’s right, and one the guys can get excited about and the ladies can drool over.  Cooper is a versatile skin, the aspect I love most about it, you can be blond OR brunette, which is not always possible.  In fact, I can’t think of a skin I have been able to do that with, which did not have such a drastic difference in brows and facial hair to the blond hair.

Mrs. Raynier is going to be like, what the heck is goin’ on with my Cajun!  Who this blond dude?  Well cherie, it’s Cooper and he’s a rugged mix of city and country, bad boy and shy guy, he’s got a great body and facial features and a great new skin for the gents to try on over at this round of FAIR!

A few more things I really love about this skin, the nose is really well done, it has great definition and realism.  The very light dusting of stubble on the head made it easy to go blond or black and the lips are a nice full form with great coloring.  Too often we see skins with a chapped lip look, it’s very unappealing to me and this is not the case with Cooper.  Additionally, check out the pecs!  Head on over to FAIR (hosted by CHIC Management) opens on Saturday, November 17th at 4pm!

Just a note, I did not engage shadows or edit the images other than put them in this frame so you can see the raw shots of how the skin looks.  I used lighting from Strawberry Singh, Original, other wind-light settings may look different.  A good go to is CalWL, and of course always demo the skin so that you can see how it actually looks on you.  Have a great weekend!

Celebrity Skin

Skin-Belleza Cooper (Available @ FAIR (hosted by CHIC Management) opens on Saturday, November 17th!)

Eyes-.ID. Warrior / Mesh Eyes / Aqua

Hands-[CheerNo] Mesh Hands

Boxers-RedCat Mesh Boxer

Shoes-Slink MESH Feet

FAIR: Love In An Elevator

A new round of FAIR has begun!  You can get this fantastic pose & prop from the ever talented mind of Olaenka Chesnokov of oOo Studio.  The pose is called Getting Off at 5 and contains 3 poses and a functional door upon the elevator prop itself.

The beautiful pink dress Gabriella is wearing comes to us from e!  Gabby loves pink, and this was a must have for her closet.  I sent it as a gift and received many kisses for it.  I think that is more than FAIR!

Have a great weekend and enjoy your finds at this round of FAIR.

FAIR Location


FAIR Shopping Guide at SeraphimSL


What I Am Wearing:

Skin-NIVARO Crow Skin summertone

Hair-Redgrave Cruz Black

Eyes-.ID. Warrior / Mesh Eyes / Aqua (Previously at TMD)

Facial Hair-Zovo Beard Light Black 2

Hands-[CheerNo] Mesh Hands

Outfit & Shoes-EPICOCITY Afternoon Adventure Outfit (Available @ FAIR)

What Gabriella Is Wearing:

Skin-Belleza Elle Dark Deep

Eyes-Mayfly– Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Red Mahogany)

Hair-TRUTH Rashida – espresso

Jewelry-Caroline’s Jewelry Simple Pearl Necklace and Drop Earrings

Nails-Sexy Mamas Prim Nail – Glitter

Shoes-Shoes-N-core SENSE XtremeHeel Black

Dress-e! Trinity Sweater Dress (Rose) (Available @ FAIR)

Pose & Prop-oOo Getting Off at 5 Set (Available @ FAIR)

FAIR Preview-A Good Time

At 4pm SLT FAIR, a new CHIC Management event will open its doors!  The event will focus on a theme of time, each designer being inspired by one of the 24 hours in a day.  After September the event will open on the 3rd Saturday of each month.Each month we will try to include clothing, poses, mens products, skins, hair, furnishings, jewelry and hopefully one day shoes too, so that there is a broad range of product types.

HIISpose brings HISbath-time to FAIR, a versatile, rustic tub with built in poses.  It’s just right for when those late nights in the city turn to morning.

One of my favorite designers, Cheeky Pea has the most detailed and perfect old style T.V. available for FAIR.  :CP: Earnst TV is classic vintage, with animated screen and the most detailed electrical plug I have ever seen!  You can purchase this beauty at 4pm SLT at FAIR.  Keep an eye on the CHIC Management official site for the event SLURL and additional information.

Have a fantastic Saturday night!


What I Am Wearing:

Skin-NIVARO Crow Skin summertone

Hair- Pocket Mirrors Eric

*Eyes-.ID. Warrior / Mesh Eyes / Aqua

Facial Hair-Zovo Beard Light, Aphotic Gloom A.G. Magnus Facial Hair Sideburns #1 Clean

What Gabriella Is Wearing:

Skin-Belleza Elle Dark Deep

Eyes-Mayfly– Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Red Mahogany)

Hair-TRUTH Guinevere – espresso

Lingerie-Zaara : 1 Aksaka lingerie *black/gold*

Structure-.emm ; how lucky we are {home}

Decor-:CP: Earnst TV (Available @ FAIR September 22nd at 4pm SLT) ,Zigana Weathered mirror for SUYS (Out now for 50L!) & Apothecary cabinet

Poses-HISpose-HISbath-time (Available @ FAIR September 22nd at 4pm SLT), Adorkable Poses-Elegant (Available @ Zodiac September 23 thru October 17th 2012)