HANDverk released two beautiful skyboxes that I am thoroughly impressed with.

The  Longchamp skybox is HANDverk’s first store release of 2013 available in the single and double.  The Longchamp is a simple, elegant, all mesh skybox for either residential or commercial use. It is ultra low prim and the single size can fit on as small as a 512 sq.m. parcel.

What immediately came to mind when I rezzed the skyboxes on our sim was that it could be so many different things! I will be using it for a library/study as well as a vacation apartment.  You can utilize it in so many ways and at the low prim count it is sure to appeal to many different needs.

Going with the study first, I packed it full of Dutchie furniture, wanting to highlight the elegant spaciousness of the skybox itself and to focus on the mesh version of the maledom chair that Dutchie has packed full of animations to enjoy.

As many of you already know, this weekend was GOS Boutique’s first release of this exceptional open toed line.  I dubbed it GOStastic Saturday, and sent Mrs. Raynier to buy all the fatpacks!  It was worth every single penny.  The shoes are exquisite but the added convenience of GOS’s fluid and fast new ONEtime skin matching hud makes it so the frustration is gone from wearing beautiful shoes.

Mrs. Raynier has always had a hard time matching her skin to her shoes, something always seeming off and her grumbling and cursing can be heard throughout our sim!  But those days are gone.  She loaded the hud up, hit configure, picked her Belleza skin, hit sync and wallah she was matched to perfection.

The photo below has absolutely NO Photoshopping done to the ankles or shoes.  The only place I used PS was to smooth out a line in the library stack and by the ceiling.  The shoes are that damn good!

For in depth coverage of the new GOS Boutique line, please check out the official blog and the great posts from my fellow lady bloggers Harlow Heslop Strawberry Singh.

Now if you will excuse me, I need to get my lovely wife stripped naked save for the shoes!





What I Am Wearing:

Skin-NIVARO Crow Skin summertone
Hair-Atro Patena Ray
Eyes-.ID. Warrior Mesh Aqua
Facial Hair-Entente Facial Hair B – Goatee Un – Black  & NIVARO Beards – chopburns_black
Glasses-Adjunct Eyewear – New Browline Readers – Black
Suit-FATEwear Suit – Christopher
Shoes-Kauna Brogues: Black

What Gabriella Is Wearing:

Skin-Belleza Elle Dark Deep
Eyes-Mayfly– Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Red Mahogany)
Hair: TRUTH Dawson-espresso
Jewelry-EarthStones Nataliya Earrings & Necklace Spectrum
Dress: GizzA – Hankie Dress [Orient](Available @ Limited Bazaar)
Shoes-GOS Boutique Grace Sandal – Gold

DecorDutchie side table, Persian rug, standing library lamp, library wide part 1 no shadow,cast iron fireplace, Dutchie maledom chair 2.0

Scotch-Kitchen Korner Scotch Whiskey (not available)

Structure-*[HANDverk.architecture]Longchamp Skybox.single (only 16 land impact!)

*Promotional Copies-Thank you!

Hair Fair 2012 Preview-Entente

Hair Fair 2012 opens tomorrow July 14th!  For two weeks each year, Hair Fair raises money for Wigs for Kids.  The official website has a great post that describes the build, what has been done to keep it high traffic friendly.  Check it out HERE.   To name a few: The build is phantom, redelivery on every item!

I was very impressed with the build.  It is spacious, taking up four sims.  When you first teleport to Hair Fair you will see a big map, click on it and get the folder which contains notecards with each designers and LMs to their booths, categorized by sim.

With any HIGH traffic event, except lag however, you can do something as a participant to help lessen that.

First and foremost, wear as little as possible.  Take off unneeded prims, HUDs and script heavy items.  Available at each sim is a LOW LAG outfit from Exile & DCNY and its FREE.  Check out the official blog for more great tips to do with graphics and additional settings in the viewer.   Most of all, be courteous, this is a charity event, the more there the more successful!

Also, join the Hair Fair DEMO Group to get the demos ahead of time: copy and paste ( secondlife:///app/group/2e30d166-f3e5-e2de-ff72-b3da2d06ded2/about ) into chat and open history to click on the link and join.

Now, for a sneak peek of items I purchased today.

Hair Fair 2012 Entente

What I Am Wearing:

Skin-NIVARO Crow Skin summertone

Hat & Hair-Entente Etienne Hair & Hat (Available @ Hair Fair 2012 July 14th-July 29th) See official blog for SLURLS coming soon!

Eyes-I.D. Heterochromia Blue/Green (Available @ The Mens Dept-July 7th)

Glasses-K_gs Uail (Available @ The Mens Dept-July 7th)

Shirt-Kauna – Open Shirt: White (Available @ FaMESHed  July 2012)

Pants-n-creationcorr jeans blue mesh

Shoes-Entente Cousteau

Building-:CP: Aksal Skybox Mesh (FLF item!) It’s only 3 prims!

Interior Items-PILOT Haywood Pipe Shelf (Available @ The Mens Dept-July 7th) , Dutchie lavender 2, :CP: Laurence Traveller Bench, LISP Little Glow Jar (Available @ ONE VOICE)

Poses-Adorkable Nifty (Available @ Hair Fair 2012 July 14th-July 29th) Glitterati Male Preview (FLF item!)