Collabor88 November – Industrial Dreams

The eve of Collabor88 is upon us and what an exceptional round it will be!  The theme for this round is Industrial Chic.  The designers and creators had a great time with this theme and one in particular took it to whimsical and wondrous levels.  MishMish creator Aime Takaaki creates the most adorable things, my favorite are the pets that get to accompany you in your SLife.

The newest edition to the MishMish buddies is the Boy Mechanic!  How awesome is this little guy?  Equipped with industrial propeller, and one to share with you, the industrial dreams are limitless.  My Boy Mechanic and I are headed off to fix up an industrial steam powered motorcycle, I hope he lets me put a bell on it!

Collabor88 opens its doors at midnight November 8th!

Style 411:

Skin-[K]lean Body Shop – TYLER skin

Eyes-.ID. Deep Intensified (TMD) – Aqua (Available November 5th @ The Mens Dept)

Hat-Entente- Exces Cap & Hair

Facial Hair-[K]lean Body Shop TYLER Facial Hair – Strap 1 – Black

Hands-Slink Male Hands (AvEnhance)

*Outfit-FATEplay – J.D. – Vorhees (Clean)

*Shoes-[Valiant] Lexington Boots

Boy Mechanic, Propeller w/built in pose: MishMish Boy Mechanic (Available @ Collabor88 November 8th)

Structure-MESHWORX – Urban Oasis (Available @ faMESHed November 1st 2013)

* Promotional Copy – Thank you for your generosity!


EPIA released this highly detailed combat uniform aptly named the Versatile Combat Uniform, which is script controlled for texture change and features rolled up sleeves, hood up and more.  The textures come in different colors but even better, different pattern styles.  Built in boots for a flawless fit, this is an awesome uniform to have in your SLife.

Labyrinth Starchild of Labyrinth skins has released a line of mens mesh heads for his skinline.  Perfectly matched to his skins, the heads are HUD controlled with options such as: color change (blond, brown, black) for brows, hairbase and facial hair.  The head itself if photo-realistic and pre-packed with tons of facial hair options.  You need to read the instructions at the purchase terminal carefully as you are not only selecting which head you want but you need to buy the tone of skin HUD to go with it.  All demos are available and I suggest you demo them all to find the right one for you.

Style 411:

*Skin-Labyrinth– Mesh Head Skin (Med)

*Mesh Head-Labyrinth Hugo Mesh Head Shape (Rogue Series)

Eyes-IKON Perspective Eyes – Aqua

Hat-Entente- Castro Hat

Hands-Slink Male Hands (AvEnhance)

*Outfit-(epia) – Versatile Combat Uniform MASTERPACK

Weapon & Backpack – DECO – MESH Survivalist Backpack & Rifle

Pose-STAKEY All American

*Tent & Decor-What Next Pine Ridge Camping Set (Available @ The Garden October 15th thru November 10th 2013)

* Promotional Copy – Thank you for your generosity!

You Can Do Magic

Wizarding Faire, brought to you by Mischief Managed Roleplay, will open its doors the 6th of October running through the 20th.   On my adventure through Diagon Alley, the world of magic decided that I would make a great professor, teaching of course Cajunology and Spicelusionry!

I’m one of those professors that the stodgy old professors look down on because my teaching methods are off the cuff and often deemed DANGEROUS.  Sure, wrestling the mighty Swampimarmillion and the fabled Gatorgorbius is dangerous, but if you don’t train the youngins right away to fear these deadly creatures, then how are they going to save the world!

So I decided I would take a stroll through the Diagon Alley and see if there were any threats, with my trusted sidekicks MISHcheif Chipspell and Hedgehorn McSharpletooth and Snowflufferkins Pigglesnout – who by the way is really the ancient rare white Crocodragon White Scale The Swamp Eater, I just happened to turn him into a fluffy cute critter with the Miamai Cutsium Perfectium spell long long ago.

We had to take lots of treats because all of us love sugar as you can see, but I think the broom shouldn’t have chocolate, it really affects his steering!  My trusted wand at my side, any threats that may have been lurking were too afraid to make an appearance, though now that I look at the image I put in my scrapbookius polaroidium there sure is a large creepy shadow following me.  I must investigate, for the safety of the event of course!

For more sneak peeks of this magical event, please visit:

Official Website Mischief Managed Roleplay

Official Flickr Group

Style 411:

Skin-[K]lean Body Shop – TYLER skin

Eyes-IKON Perspective Eyes – Aqua (Available at TLC The Garden)

Facial Hair-[K]lean Body Shop TYLER Facial Hair – Beard 1 – Black

Hands-Slink Male Hands (AvEnhance)

*Shirt-FATEplay Donald Sweater (cloaked) – Black (Smart) &Donald Tie – Lion (Smart)  (Available @ Mischief Managed Wizarding Faire October 6th)

*Pants-FATEplay Donald Pants – Black  (Available @ Mischief Managed Wizarding Faire October 6th)

*Belt-FATEwear Jeans – Billy Fabric Belt

*Shoes-Entente Hemming Shoes

Hat-RO – Twintail Magician Hat – RARE (Available @ Oh My Gacha Event @ Jersey Shore)

*Wand-MIAMAI_Cuor di Rosa_magic wand (Available @ Mischief Managed Wizarding Faire October 6th) *Please note I repositioned this wand to my hip for the photograph

*Shoulder Critters-Miamai_MagAnimals_Hedgehorn Orange & Piglet Snow (Available @ Mischief Managed Wizarding Faire October 6th)

Critters On My Head-*MishMish* Chipmunk – Wizard Fan (Former Arcade Gacha Event Prize) & .{yy}. Mad Cupcake Hat {Queen of Hearts} RARE (Available @ Candy Fair October 4th)

Bubblegum-Poseology – Bubble Gum (Static) (Available @ Candy Fair October 4th)

Bucket Hanging Off Of Broom-Lark – Candy Bucket – Cat (Available @ Candy Fair October 4th)

Pose 411:

*Heirloom. Broom Fall (Available @ Mischief Managed Wizarding Faire October 6th)

* Promotional Copy – Thank you for your generosity!

SHOETOPIA Blogger Contest Reminder!

On October 15th, SHOETOPIA bloggers will be announced.  You still have time to enter!  I have put all the information I could here so you don’t have to wear out your soles.

Applications for bloggers are still open, you have until October 15th! Click to be taken to official blog for information.

The official ads were just recently put on FLICKR and a sneak peek of the build too! Check them out.

Official Shoetopia Website

Official Website Blogger Contest Info & Application (PLEASE NOTE: this is a 2 part application, so read very carefully what you need to do for a successful entry)

Official Flickr Blogger Contest

Here are my entries below: Taken August 15th & 17th 2013.  Best of luck to everyone!

Style 411: Entry #1 For Shoetopia 2013

Shoes from left to right
Kauna- Wingtip Brogues
Entente – Marche Shoes
Mr Poet Full Brogue Derby Shoes

Pants from left to right
Ispachi – Mason
FATEwear – Willard – Desert
Kauna – Trousers [LONG]: Black /w Black Belt

Pose – !bang bros

Style 411: Entry # 2 for Shoetopia

Credits: Left Middle Right

Skin-Glam Affair, League, Belleza
Hands-SLink Mesh Hands
Hair-Lelutka, Exile, Truth
Shoes-Redgrave, N-Core, Gos Boutique


Without Music The Silence Consumes

A brand spanking new Men’s Department goes live on October 5th, just in time to splash your fall with newness.  With 40 designers packing the TMD house this month, you will definitely come away with some great finds.  Here’s a few things to put on your watch list.

My stylish and materials ready hair comes from MONSO, I really love what MONSO is doing with hair, trendy and full of life, the strands look silky and lush and full.  I’m really keen on the way this Jay style pulls back into a small ponytail, the detail is superb!

Barmaley continues to gear both males and females with everyday wear, styles to live in, move in and enjoy the adventures of life.  This Zamok jacket has some great detail in the metals, zippers and check out the amazing labels, nice touch!

SORGO, making trendy and brilliant glasses left and right, the TMD glasses Steam are fun, in a variety of styles from wood to basic black and in glasses or clear versions so nerd up or sun up!

Ispachi, a name that has led the styles for dudes since I can remember, and keep advancing the styles and accessories to new heights.  My headphones are called Attero Futuristic Vintage, and they are legen…wait for it, …dary, legendary!  With a highly detailed hud, color change of the main phones, metals and get this, the headphones come with a music player you can hold or use as a prop.  How awesome is the LED glow!

Decor, yeah this category rocks every time, and one reason is FLOORPLAN.  Always witty, every detail completely fulfilling and perks of modification so you can enjoy FLOORPLAN items in various colors and prints.  You have to add a title of genius to FLOORPLANs creator, I mean she created a stache marquee, brilliant!  And brilliantly lit it is, bulbs with such detail and a nice subtle light.  Plug it in and enjoy!

All this and more to come for this upcoming October TMD round, for more ads and blogger previews, take a look at the official TMD flickr group.

Style 411:

Skin-[K]lean Body Shop – TYLER skin

Eyes-IKON Perspective Eyes – Aqua (Available at TLC The Garden)

*Hair-[monso] My Hair – Jay/ Regular Pack 2 (Available October 5th @ The Mens Dept)

*Glasses-S O R G O – STEAM Black GOLD(SG) (Available October 5th @ The Mens Dept)

Facial Hair-[K]lean Body Shop TYLER Facial Hair – Beard 1 – Black

Hands-Slink Male Hands (AvEnhance)

Nails-{Wicked} Peach – Like A Sir Nails

*Headphones & Music Player-ISPACHI [Attero Futuristic Vintage Headphones & Music Player] (Available October 5th @ The Mens Dept)

*Shirt-Barmaley Zamok (Available October 5th @ The Mens Dept)

Pants-FATEwear Jeans – Grip Billy & Fabric Belt

Shoes-Entente Sentier Boots

Pose 411:

MORPHINE Store My Reason

Decor 411:

*FLOORPLAN Mustache Marquee (Available October 5th @ The Mens Dept)

BAZAR Toronto House

* Promotional Copy – Thank you for your generosity!

Oh Oh The Sweetest Thing

It’s time for Candy Fair-you heard me, a fair about sweet treats!  Opening its chocolate fudge cascading doors October 4th thru October 18th, you will surely need a dentist for all the sweet treat cavities you’ll be sporting from the sugary fun.

Items vary from props & poses to decor and even fashion with the candy theme.  Spanning 3 frosty sweet sims, I suggest a large wagon to take home your haul.

You can get a visual treat during the waiting period at the official Candy Fair flicker group.

Candy Fair V3 Poster

Style 411:

Skin-[K]lean Body Shop – TYLER skin

Eyes-IKON Perspective Eyes – Aqua (Available at TLC The Garden)

Hair-Action Paul

Glasses-K_gs Domino 1.00

Facial Hair-[K]lean Body Shop TYLER Facial Hair – Beard 1 – Black

Hands-Slink Male Hands (AvEnhance)

Nails-{Wicked} Peach – Like A Sir Nails

Shirt-ISPACHI Mesh [Adam Semi-Casual Layered Top] (Available @ faMESHed October 1st 2013)

Pants-FATEwear Jeans – Skinny Billy & Fabric Belt

Shoes-Entente Marche Shoes – Homme 

Pose & Prop 411:

* HopScotch-Candy Fluff – 2 (Available @ Candy Fair October 4th)

*HopScotch-Yummi Bear – Blueberry (Available @ Candy Fair October 4th)

Decor 411:

*{what next} Cocoa-On-The-Go Cart

Location 411:

Small Town Of Green

* Promotional Copy – Thank you for your generosity!

Round My Hometown

My first memory of riding in a streetcar was when I was about five years old.  The green line from St. Charles into the French Quarter was my very first journey.  I recall we went to eat at the Camellia Grill on S Carrollton Ave of the River Bend area of New Orleans – a true staple that I miss greatly, now residing in Los Angeles.  I ordered the bananas foster pancakes, my favorite still to this day.  Once we had eaten, we boarded the streetcar and I recall finding the machine quite intriguing, for it looked like a train car and I kept referring to the driver as the conductor.

When I saw this great streetcar perusing flickr, I had to go see it for myself and it certainly brought back that memory of my first streetcar ride.  I miss the little things like this from my hometown, and though they are restructuring to have streetcars in Los Angeles again, it is just not the same as taking that journey down the hundred oak covered avenues of New Orleans.  If you ever get the chance, I encourage you to ride one.

49L Sale For Dudes is underway and will last until September 26th.  You can see all the offerings on SeraphimSL as well as the official 49L Sale For Dudes website.


Look 411:

*Skin-Tableau Vivant Lucis Skin – Tone 07

Hat-Entente – Castro

Facial Hair–Sacred- TYLER Facial Hair – Chops – Black

*Glasses-Adjunct Serragio Readers (Available for 49L Sale For Dudes until September 26th)

*Shirt-DStore T-Shirt Skully (Available for 49L Sale For Dudes until September 26th)

*Tattoo-[ZENTRO] Love hate tattoo (Available for 49L Sale For Dudes until September 26th)

*Pants-Rispetto Designs – Tepore MESH Jeans (Available for 49L Sale For Dudes until September 26th)

Pose 411:


Location 411:


* Promotional Copy – Thank you for your generosity!




The Arcade Gacha Events – September – What Next Preview!

September arrives in just a few days, and The Arcade turns 1 year old on the 1st!  One year of extraordinary items, a year full of gacha madness that has had us all having a grand time seeking those rares items which often led us to a plethora of curses!  The Arcade Gacha event is one that no matter what you might be expecting, every designer takes our expectations through the roof.

The 1 year birthday round of the Arcade will surely impress, with loads of fun filled and ingenious creations that will fill your inventory with a great deal of fun and great memories.  To get a great glimpse into what you will be trying to pull those gacha machines for, check out the official Arcade flickr with official item advertisement photos as well as blogger sneak peeks.  Get that want list going, it’s almost the 1st!

One great item to get your gacha coins warmed up for are the {what next} Golf Carts.  That’s right, golf carts, oh but not just some ordinary golf carts, no these are of course mesh, packed with animations and it is drivable!  It rides smooth as any purring sports car and has room for your mates!

My favorite of the 12 available golf carts is definitely the ‘moustache’.  It is classy and fun with a touch of masculinity.  Here is the official advert from What Next so you can see all 12 styles available.

The Arcade 1 Year Birthday round begins on September 1st, 2013.  Please visit the official Arcade blog it is chock full of useful information from the awesome countdown to opening day to the wonderful shoppers guide.

The Arcade Gacha Events September 2013 event sponsors:

Don’t forget the official photo contest!

The 411:

Skin-Skin-Sacred- TYLER skin

Hair-[taketomi] Gyp_Black04

Eyes-[Crash Republic] Candi Eyes – teal


Glasses-K_gs Domino 1.00

Bracelet-Noodles – Button Cord Bracelet Brown

Jacket & Shirt-Entente Radius Hoodie

Pants-[Pumpkin]Patched skinnies

*Golf Cart-{what next} Golf Cart- Moustache (Available @ The Arcade Gacha – September 1, 2013)

Location-Angel Manor Golf Course

* Promotional Copy – Thank you for your generosity!


The 411:


Hair-ARGRACE Peyton A – Black

Eyes-ZOVO Eyes Earth

Glasses-K_gs Tahua 1.00

*Outfit-FATEplay – Henry – Gryffindor

*Wand-FATEplay – Henry Wand – Incendio

Shoes-Entente Hemming Shoes

Shoulder Dragon-[MB] Pocket Dragon – Welsh Fireball (Merlin’s Beard – I do not believe the store is inworld anymore)

Pose-Purple Poses Eric 05


* Promotional Copy – Thank you for your generosity!

Destination Love


The 411:

Skin-Sacred- TYLER skin (Available @ We <3 Roleplay)

Hair-[monso] My Hair – Yong/ Regular Pack 2 (Available @ Collabor88 August 8th)

Eyes- [Crash Republic] Candi MESH Eyes – teal

*Facial Hair- Sacred- TYLER Facial Hair – Beard 2 – Black

Watch-Entente- Tardif Watch


*Shirt-Sleepy Eddy Gradation Summer Knit (Available August 5th @ The Mens Dept)

*Pants-!APHORISM! White Linen_pants (Available August 5th @ The Mens Dept)

Shoes–Entente- Marche Shoes – Homme

Bazar Toronto-Dining room cabinet

Bazar Toronto-Coffee art

Bazar Good morning Set

7 – Two Cigar Boxes

7 – Love Vintage Sign

[ keke ] tea tins

*.: Standby Inc. – Gramophone (Blue) (Available @ Collabor88 August 8th)

*.:Standby Inc. – Globe Bar (Monochrome) (Available @ Collabor88 August 8th)

PILOT – Deco Dining (Available @ Collabor88 August 8th)

PILOT – Destination [Europe]

PILOT – Aviation Wall Art – Black Frame

POST: Mesabi Railroad Lantern

Structure-[ba] carraway bungalow (Available @ Collabor88 August 8th)