The Men’s Dept September Preview: 22769

The Men’s Dept. September line up is superb, again!  A fine wine gets better with time, and so is the case with the Men’s Dept, better with each round.  Make sure you set aside some time to head over to the Men’s Dept.  I am loving this flame blazer from the talented gents at 22769.  It spurred me blast the Doors and get my rock n’ roll on.  There are additional patterns available which you can get a sneak peek of on the official flickr group from my insanely talented fellow bloggers.

Come On Baby Light My Fire

What I Am Wearing:

Skin-NIVARO Crow Skin summertone

Hair-Dura Boys&Girls*35(Black)

Hairbase-Entente Hairbase – B&W – Midnight black

*Eyes-Poetic Colors classic gen4 – tropical reef – small medium  (Available @ The Mens Dept)

Glasses-Gos Custom Sunglasses v3.2 – AVIATOR [loaded]

Facial Hair-Zovo Shaggy

*Jacket-22769 ~ [homme] Dandy Jacket Flames (Available @ The Mens Dept)
Necklace-MG Necklace – Barcelona – Group 3 (Available @ FaMESHed September 2012)

Ring-Remarkable Oblivi0n  Duality White (Right)

Pants-Lapointe & Bastchild S’Wear ” Buckled Biker” Leather pants

Guitar Bag-SEY GuitarBag/A

Shoes-[monso] My Leather Oxford

Pose-Purple Poses Nicholas

*Promotional Copies-Thank You!

Inspired: Bronson Twine

This Charming Man: Bronson Twine

My journey into Second Life has led me to some amazing places to shop.  I am a shopoholic. I like to look good.  During my time in SL a few kind residents and friends have often stated that I have great style.  But when I think of mens style, there is one name that comes to mind: Bronson Twine.

Bronson Twine

I stumbled upon irregularguy, Bronson’s blog,  through perusing other blogs.  When I landed on his site I was immediately in heaven.  A male with great style, amazing photographs and a presentation of it all so clean, I immediately bookmarked and read every single entry.

We have a lot of the same taste in style, which made me curious about who Bronson was behind the blog.  A little social network called Plurk brought Bronson to a much more vivid light for me.  I have learned he has a great sense of humor, is very intelligent, witty and charming, amongst a myriad of hilarity that always leaves me laughing. Then there is his music taste, almost identical to mine!  Is Bronson my long-lost twin brother from another mother?  Perhaps, in spirit and through the intertwined highway that is the internet, I feel I have found a kindred spirit.

Bronson inspired me in many ways to reach my goal to blog male fashion and my findings in Second Life.  His images make me want to know more, they paint a journey, conjuring up a tapestry that often feels like watching a film trailer. I always get taken into a journey that spurs music and  fast paced flashes of scenes and I am never disappointed!

Through painting imagery and sharing your style, I feel we bloggers have something special, a visual highway of adventuring in Second Life and a network to show our personalities and the ‘soul’ of the avatar.  Creativity is my addiction and through my blog I have found a new way to be the artist I am unable to be in my real life due to my illness creating limitations.

So I thank you Bronson Twine, for sharing your creativity and stellar imagery, for without doing so I would never have leaped into the fashion blogging, a creative outlet that has brought me great joy.   It has been a great gift to get to know you.

Bronson Twine

What Bronson Is Wearing:

Skin – Rainn T2 Beard – *Sacred*
Hair – Rob Hair, Espresso – NSD
Glasses – Augie Glasses – Reek
Ears – Type 1 Stretched Ear, Human, 7/8″ – Aitui
Shirt – White Oxford, Full Messy Tails – Schadenfreude
Tie – Skeletonflake Tie – Schadenfreude
Jeans – Polar Jeans, Black – Blitzed
Shoes – Pornstar Lo-tops – Urban Bomb Unit
T-Shirt – Ture Tee, Black Striped – Nanuk
Cuff – Key Cuff – Kari
Bracelet – Beach Bracelet – Concrete Flowers
Finger tape – SiniStyle Designs
Eyes – Ellis, Sleet – LeLutka

What I Am Wearing:

Hair-Dura Boy*23 Black
Facial Hair-NANUK  Anders light beard black
Eyes-.ID. Starburst Eyes – Turquoise
Glasses-:Mr.Poet:: Half Rim Eyeglasses
Watch-*BLITZED* Legacy watch – black
Tie-[ bubble ] Punky Black Tie
T-shirt- NANUK elov ripped collar shirt white
Vest-{Gisaci} Classic Zion Vest – Black
Pants-ARAI Nonwash Denim
Boots-BC322 Work Boots Dr.Murders

Poses-Long Awkward PoseDiesel Works

Hair Fair-Aitui

The Cajuns Hair Fair coverage continues!

When I logged in tonight I had a most unexpected suprise! The creator of Aitui Jesseaitui Petion sent me his Hair Fair blogger package. This is the first time I have received a blogger package/promotional item and I am geeking out! So after my first intial shock then a dance in my boxers and rainbow tube socks I graciously thanked the creator for sending his new styles my way.

There is something that you should know dear readers. Jesse Aitui is donating 30% of ALL his hair sales to charity. He mentioned in the notecard enclosed with the blogger package that the lag and other deterrents keep people from attending the Hair Fair, often spurring a “I’ll wait till its out in the main store” response. This does not allow buyers to get the products at the charity event thus not aiding the charity being sponsored.

The charity for Hair Fair if you are not aware is Wigs For Kids which you can read more about by clicking the link. So I urge you to get your styles at the Hair Fair event to help the charity. If you are looking for some solutions for a smoother experience try the tips and tricks provided on the Hair Fair site.

Now without further ado, I give you Aitui Hair Fair styles.

Aitui Andy Clemmensen

Aitui The Avalanche

Aitui Vanaprasta

Hair Credits From Left to Right:
AITUI Andy Clemmensen
AITUI The Avalanche [Browns: Cacao] (Tinted red)
AITUI Vanaprasta [Browns: Mango Wood]
What I am Wearing
Prim Goatee-Plume LJ Attachment
Shirt-Hell Bop Clothing Forest-Navy
Watch-BLITZED Legacy watch - black
Pants BC322 Military Pants
Boots BC322 Work Boots Dr.Murders

Hair Fair-NSD Hair Co.

You may have heard ad nauseum that Hair Fair 2011 is well underway!  For us guys or anyone preferring shorter cuts, we are always looking for new styles.  Well here’s what I found on my Hair Fair adventure at 1:40am from NSD Hair Co @ Hair Fair.  Naith Smit has provided 5 amazing styles for Hair Fair!

My journey as I stated started out a 1:40am where I swiftly teleported to the Hair Fair sim using one of the slurls provided in this handy list.  Aitui had not set their item out yet but put a nice sign out stating they were running behind.  Shag had not put out their mens styles yet but promised they’d be out soon.  My adventure started out with me pouting.  I hit NSD and that frown turned upside down! I snatched up every style available and then the lag started up.

As I tried to wander to a few other spots, I ended up encountering massive lag and the obvious reasons why.  There were multiple women in formal attire registering ARCs of 2000 to a whopping 8450!  A few gentlemen felt it necessary to arrive wearing every weapon they owned from a knife to a bazooka.  I guess they felt they would have to fight off zombies to get some styles!  Lagging more and more I finally felt l had stopped by the known male stylists booths and figured I could venture out tomorrow when things hopefully calm down.  Though as you will see in my last image, Hair Fair was much like a brawl fighting the lag and formal wear women!

Though pictured below in an outfit, I went to Hair Fair with low lag courtesy in mind and wore only my undies and socks!

I did not do any tweaking of the hair other than using the resize scripts provided in the styles with hats.  Normally I would tweak until my eyes bleed but I wanted a raw look so you the viewer have a better idea of the style as it was made.

Hair Fair-NSD

Hair Credits From Left to Right:
[NSD] Freddy Summer Hat Hair/Noir
[NSD] Lovejoy Hair/Noir

What I'm Wearing (Main image)
Eyeliner-cheLLe (eyeliner) Eyeliner Basics
Eyeliner-A:S:S Guyliner - 001
Necklace-Dustarrz Antique Necklace 02 (Coin & Key)
Both Wrists-SiniStyle Taped Fist
Facial Hair-NANUK Anders light beard black
Shirt-WMD-"Black Connection" My girlfriend Tee (not available)
Socks-SEY 3line3set-WH_BL
Underpants-[SP] cozy strypers
Shorts-[YU] McGill Shorts Slate Blue
Sneakers-*Alg.* Canvas Lace Sneaker "Classic"
Poses-Long Awkward Pose

Hair Fair NSD 2

Hair Credits From Left to Right:
[NSD] Rufus Cap
[NSD] Rob
[NSD] Ryan
Hair Fair NSD

Hair Fair NSD 3

Hair Credits From Left to Right:
[NSD] Ryan Right Side View
[NSD] Ryan Left Side View
None-Results of Hair Fair War! Bruises-Coca & Wolf Tattoo Bruises

Waiting For Her

Waiting For Her

Waiting for my fiance Gabriella or as I call her, ma cherie amour, inspired me to create this blog post of a few 
things I picked up over the past week. Like many, I have my favorite shops that I frequent, most you will see in my 
looks I share with you often.  A few of those stores are in this outfit today, which all started with the new release
from Dura.

I love hats! Hats, socks and boots are addictive for me.  So when I saw this great style, I had to get it.  
The hat is texture change-color only.  I chose red, my favorite color, but also colored the texture red in the edit 
menu as it was not dark enough for my tastes.
Then I got hung up on a shirt.  I have several new ones and old favorites, but nothing was working! So I went
with shirtless!

Another shop I can't live without is RONSEM.  These new cargos are the type of pant I tend to gravitate towards.  
The detail is alawys so impressive in the creators work and I have never been disappointed.  

The eyes are from a shop that is new to me called FILTHY.  They are different than the eyes I normally wear as they
have a gloss to them and almost a milky quality.

A great find was this suitcase from IZUMIYA which I discovered reading Bronson Twine's blog. It was just the right 
touch for the feeling I had while creating these images today.  Wanting to get away.  So I leave you with a wave and 
a smile as ma cherie amour just got home, and I very much want her to take me away.

Hair-Dura Boys&Girls 18 Black (hat tinted red)
Glasses-::Mr.Poet::Half Rim Eyeglasses
Eyes-:F: Douceur #05
Facial Hair 1-EMORTAL CONCEPTS Black Scruffy Mutton Chops combo 1
Facial Hair 2-NANUK Anders light beard black w/sideburns
Both Wrists-SiniStyle Taped Fist
Eyeliner-cheLLe (eyeliner) Eyeliner Basics
Necklace-Dustarrz Antique Necklace 02 (Coin & Key)
Pants-RONSEM Cargo11 / black
Shoes-[hoorenbeek] All Stars-Hi Top 3.0-Red
Suitcase-=IZUMIYA=GG Trunk Small/Black
Poses-Long Awkward Pose

Where The Wild Things Are

Where The Wild Things Are

Project RandoMuseum is going on from 06/25-07/24/11 and I encourage you to take a look!  It is best described as a upgraded gacha vendor event.  With the perk that you can get random cards and multi-cards which will allow you to get an exclusive prize from the participating shops.  So in addition to the very reasonably priced random giver vendors aka gachas, you can get an even rarer item!

By far the best find for me is this amazing Tiny Monster from Coyura Creation!  I immediate had to have it! It is an item that you have to get the random card for which works much like an upgrade to a gacha vendor.

After four tries, and four amazing boats by the creator later, I finally got my blue tiny kickass tiny monster!

Featured here with my beloved rainbow prism eyed KittyCats Cajun Boo for size comparison, how can you not love the detail in this item.  The creator has more tinys at her shop with just as much detail and whimsical spirit to them.  Check out their website and items on the marketplace if you are looking for a tiny or other fun items to enlarge your SL world!

No poses used.

Zombie Hunter!

Zombie Hunter


Hair-MADesigns GILI Dark Brown V (Dyed red) From Menstuff hunt
Facial Hair-EMORTAL CONCEPTS Black Scruffy Mutton Chops combo 1
Beard Prim-Hype Goatee Double no beads, One 1 (Tinted red)
Shirt-RONSEM Stitch TEE / white
Both Wrists-SiniStyle Taped Fist
L Wrist[SP] bandana wristband red 
Facial Bruises-Sin Alley Bruised eye and busted cheek
Eyeshadow-Tableau Vivant Vincent Make up 8 Shade
Necklace-Dustarrz Antique Necklace 02 (Coin & Key)
Pants-Primitive Design fight club reborn-black red
Boots-DECO Trail Boots-Red & Black Canvas
Socks-Pig Socks Mit Suspenders Clean White
Weapons-[Carnage]Cricket Bat 01, Department of Gov. Cheese Punisher Bat by

Real Men Wear Corsets!

Real Men Wear Corsets!

Rylan Carling called out a challenge for the men on her timeline…corsets!  Here’s mine, with the help of my real life friend Lupa Serenity of Wolfmoon Designs who created this great red corset for me!  Lupa is currently offering this corset for free for a limited time so head over and snatch it up, unisex! She has some fun roleplay props and super low priced clothing for women & men, medieval to modern.

Who says men can’t wear corsets!


Hat- Shag  DEEP Redux (Mens) – bistre

Eyeshadow- A:S:S Drama shadow – Ruby

Corset- WD Corset-Red

Boa- A:S:S Fur boa – black

Nailpolish-A:S:S Nailpolish – Deep crimson

Pants- A:S:S Leopard print pants – black

Boots- L&B “Gothic Platforms” Croc & Steel Set :M

Poses- Diesel Works

Top Gun

Top Gun

Hair-Jaryth's Barber Shop Clipper Cuts - Sebastian
Glasses-HOC Aviator Style Glasses - Unisex #003
Jacket-WMD Leather Brown Long Jacket (store location no longer available)
Jacket Collar-sf design 09 leather set
T-Shirt-WMD- "S" TShirt White  RNeck -V- (store location no longer available)
Boot-[h] Cowboy Boots Men Concho2