Skin Fair 2013 – NIVARO

Skin Fair 2013 is almost upon us, have you checked out the official site for information and the great list of designers offering items for the event?  You can get the scoop here or check out my prior posts:


Skin Fair 2013

NIVARO Baptiste

Nivaro brings to the Skin Fair another great addition to their skin line called Baptiste.  I have worn my Nivaro skin for a long time and no matter what happens, I always go back to it as it just me.  The new Baptiste is another look that feels great on me and will likely be my new upgrade skin for this year.

I normally wear the summertone but the springtone of Baptiste really appealed to me as it is still in the nice cinnamon skin tones that I associate with my avatar being a combination of Spanish/French Cajun.

With great definition, a wide range of skin tones and great brows, unique parted hairbase, it has all the qualities for a fantastic base skin that you can add all the awesome Nivaro beards to.

I have on a Nivaro Brando shape as well, and there will be several available for you to choose from at the Fair or in the mainstore as well.

As with my prior post, no alterations in Photoshop have been made except for putting it all in the framing I use.  There are no edits so that you can see the skin for itself, however be certain you try it on to see what it truly looks like on you.

*Skin-NIVARO Baptiste Skin – springtone – trailhair_stubble_hair (Available @ Skin Fair 2013 March 15th)

*Eyes-Zanzo Kawa (Shibetsu)

Pants-<HVK> Boxer Briefs [Plaid V2] (Available March 5th @ The Mens Dept)

Socks-*League* Gartered Socks -Off White

Shoes-[ JP ]:dsg. Sneaker Supreme / Multi-color


*Promotional Copies – Thank You!

Skin Fair 2013 Preview – FRUK

FRUK has made a name in avatar enhancements, bringing not only skins but great beards and eyebrow alternatives and shapes.

For Skin Fair 2013 FRUK is offering Jeremy, a new male skin that has major versatility.

I did not take the shots of the skin with any attachments, no fancy ears or mesh hands, that way you can see it very raw to get a feel for the core of the skin.

Absolutely no editing has been done to the images here, I put them in a frame and that is all.  Windlight settings were used from the Firestorm viewer for a little depth.  As always you are encouraged to try out demos so that you can see what it looks like on you with your shape or try the shapes FRUK has to offer.

I really like the smoothness of this skin and the subtle contours in the body.  Not overly muscular and not lacking in tone at all.  It can definitely be used for a wide array of ages and styles.  The hairbase is great with a subtle fade and short burns.

I went with a lighter tone than I usually wear on myself but it was just such a great coloring that it became my favorite right away.

When Skin Fair opens, be sure to check out all the facial hair that FRUK has to offer, they have tons!

FRUK Jeremy

A description from the FRUK about the skin follows:

This skin line has been exclusively designed for this years Skin Fair 2013. It will be available from 15th to 31st March at this event and then in Fruks flagship store when the event finishes.

The skin itself is called Jeremy and he comes in 6 shades.
Each shade comes with 2 hair base tattoo layers (black and brown) both modifiable and copy.
Plus one body hair tattoo layer (modifiable and copy).
There is also a Jeremy shape available to purchase to accompany the skin.
There are also extensive facial hair options to purchase at Fruk to customize these skins.

Skin Fair will take place from Friday, March 15, through Sunday, March 31.

Official website

What I Am Wearing:

*Skin-FRUK Jeremy (Available @ Skin Fair 2013 March 15th)

*Eyes-Zanzo Kawa (Anano)

Pants-<HVK> Boxer Briefs [Plaid V2] Red (Available March 5th @ The Mens Dept)

Socks-Pig Suspender Socks Fire Engine Red

Shoes-[ JP ]:dsg. Sneaker Supreme / Multi-color


*Promotional Copies – Thank You!

TMD January: Bulls-eye

After a rough week, I was due for some R&R.  I had fun lounging about and tossing some darts with my trusty sidekick Tiger!

These great items are all from the January round of The Men’s Department.  I think the theme is relaxation, at least that’s how it felt to me and we could all use some of that.  I hope your first weeks of 2013 are proving to be great!



What I Am Wearing:

Skin-NIVARO Crow Skin summertone
Hair-Atro Patena Nicolas
Eyes-.ID. Warrior Mesh Aqua
Facial Hair-Atro Patena Beard A3
Glasses-Adjunct Eyewear – Precise Readers 2.0 – Black
Jacket-<HVK>  Blackout Blazer w/ Tee [Bowtie] (Available @ The Mens Department January 5th 2013!)
Hands[CheerNo] Hands_M#11 L [Mesh] & [M#12 R [Mesh]
Pants-Razorblade Jacket Hoon Faded Cords – Blue (Available @ The Mens Department January 5th 2013!)
Shoes-J’s Short Boots Laceup
Decor-{vespertine- vintage rounded armchair/red ver.}, :CP: Kraken Dart Board – Dark Cherry, floorplan. wayfarer mirror (Available @ The Mens Department January 5th 2013!)