SHOETOPIA Blogger Contest Reminder!

On October 15th, SHOETOPIA bloggers will be announced.  You still have time to enter!  I have put all the information I could here so you don’t have to wear out your soles.

Applications for bloggers are still open, you have until October 15th! Click to be taken to official blog for information.

The official ads were just recently put on FLICKR and a sneak peek of the build too! Check them out.

Official Shoetopia Website

Official Website Blogger Contest Info & Application (PLEASE NOTE: this is a 2 part application, so read very carefully what you need to do for a successful entry)

Official Flickr Blogger Contest

Here are my entries below: Taken August 15th & 17th 2013.  Best of luck to everyone!

Style 411: Entry #1 For Shoetopia 2013

Shoes from left to right
Kauna- Wingtip Brogues
Entente – Marche Shoes
Mr Poet Full Brogue Derby Shoes

Pants from left to right
Ispachi – Mason
FATEwear – Willard – Desert
Kauna – Trousers [LONG]: Black /w Black Belt

Pose – !bang bros

Style 411: Entry # 2 for Shoetopia

Credits: Left Middle Right

Skin-Glam Affair, League, Belleza
Hands-SLink Mesh Hands
Hair-Lelutka, Exile, Truth
Shoes-Redgrave, N-Core, Gos Boutique


The Tourist

The 411:

Skin-Sacred- TYLER skin (Available @ We <3 Roleplay)

Eyes- [Crash Republic] Candi MESH Eyes – teal


Facial Hair- [LWL] Snidley Stache (Film Noir) (Available @ Collabor88 August 8th)

Glasses-Adjunct Eyewear – Resonance Glasses – Tortoise

Suit-Kauna – Harris Tweed Check

Peacock-*MishMish* Blue Peacock – The Razzle (shoulder wear) (Available @ Collabor88 August 8th)

Book-TA Travel Guide

Pose-pose maniacs Jhon


* Promotional Copy – Thank you for your generosity!

The Piano Man


This beautiful piano is Alouette’s creation for Collabor88 August 2nd birthday round. Alouette products are so beautiful, fluid and detailed original mesh that adds such realism to your home it truly is a pleasure to have any of the items enhance your home.

The pianos come in three different wood colors and worn versions.  Staying in line with this razzle dazzle 1920s theme, the piano is actually a player piano (also known as pianola or autopiano), which is a self-playing piano, containing a pneumatic or electro-mechanical mechanism that operates the piano action via pre-programmed music perforated paper, or in rare instances, metallic rolls.  The Alouette version has a true rotating mechanism which was a wonderful addition to this already beautifully created instrument.  The seat is full of animations that are fluid and adjustable.  A must have for any musician and home!

The 411:

Skin-Sacred- TYLER skin (Available @ We <3 Roleplay)

Eyes- [Crash Republic] Candi MESH Eyes – teal

Hat-Entente- Vieux Flat Cap

Facial Hair- Sacred- Facial Hair – Pack 1 – 5 O’clock shadow  (Available @ We <3 Roleplay)

Glasses-Adjunct Eyewear – Resonance Glasses – Tortoise

Jacket/Shirt-etham – Engstrom Sweater  [Black – Red]

Pants-[Deadwool] Jeans + belt (dark blue)

Socks-FATEwear Sock – Ben – Hearts (Group Gift)

Shoes-Kauna – Wingtip Brogues

*Alouette – Evelyn Pianos (Available @ Collabor88 August 8th)

Hair Fair 2013 – eep

Hair Fair is open and well under way!  Spanning multiple sims, you will certainly wish to visit the official website, linked in the Hair Fair image below to find which shops are at which sims.  Or do what I did and walk around all of them!

I am loving this great style from eep!  Finally a very short male mesh timeless style.  Thus far my absolute favorite style, I likely won’t be taking it off anytime soon.  Please note the style does not come with a hairbase but you can get a full pack at the eep mainstore.  Two other male styles can also be found at the mainstore, so well worth the trip!

The 411:

Skin–Belleza- Jacob Tan 0

*Eyes- Vision by A:S:S – Adref eyes – forever yours 

Hair eep . hair 018 . black02 (Available @ Hair Fair 2013 July 13th)

Glasses-K_gs Tahua 1.00

Shirt-[ JP ]:dsg. Hoodie-Pallial

Pants-Kauna – Jeans [SHORT]: Blue w/ Black Belt

Pose-expressive poses jimmy


* Promotional Copy – Thank you for your generosity!

Past Perfect

Intrigue Co. has just released a really fun blast from the past pretty darn hilariously awesome new addition; Pixel pets!  Little computerized, yes functional pocket pals to wear and enjoy!  Talk about amazing right?!  They will be available for this June round of collabor88!

It made me think of toys of the past, when times were simpler and I had dreams of owning a ranch, raising cattle and growing all the things.  I went to this great new sim to me, GOSH! and reminisced about those times in my childhood.  I even encountered a friendly horse that would not get out of my shot, at one time he was practically eating my hair.  It was quite humorous!

Sometimes its good to get introspective and get your nostalgia on.  I encourage you to do the same, maybe pick up one of these adorable Intrigue Co. Pixel Pets, they come in wolf, meow and hiss.  Collect all three!

I am wearing a refresh of Mathieu from Belleza, available for Belleza Best Buys.  from June 7th 0:00  up to June 9th 23:59!

Have a great rest of your week and a grand weekend.

What I Am Wearing:

Skin–Belleza- Mathieu BBB SK 2 (Available for Belleza Best Buys.  from June 7th 0:00  up to June 9th 23:59!)

Eyes- [Crash Republic] Candi Eyes – teal

Hair-Exile::Vindicated Blacks

Hands-[CheerNo] Hands

Shirt-<kal rau> Casual Longsleeves_Indian

Pants-Kauna – Jeans [SHORT]: Blue w/ Black Belt

Keychain-Intrigue Co. – Pixel Pets – Meow (Available June 8th for Collabor88!)



Dress To Impress

Dress to impress, that is what I was always told by my parents in regards to many situations: dates, interviews, social events, the theater, opera, etc.  But most of all be comfortable in your own skin.  I love to dress in vests and bowties, they snazz up a simple white dress shirt and can be worn with jeans or slacks.

Damien Fate has just released the new Edward suit line at FATEwear.  This suit goes far beyond anything else he has released and that is saying a great deal as he strives already to go above and beyond.  The Edward line contains 7 different looks!  You can wear it in a full three piece suit (shirt, tie, waistcoat, jacket) or you can casual it down to the point you only wear the shirt untucked, no tie.  With every combo in between and an exceptional over the shoulder jacket option (including animation) the dapper dresser has only the limitation of his imagination with this new line.

Equally you can buy additional ties and shirts to liven it up and give it that YOU feel.  To see all the suit options, features and goodies, check out the official FATEwear blog.

No matter what your needs are in SL, do yourself a favor and at least own one great suit.  As with real life, owning a black three piece suit can be used for just about anything that arises save for the black tie tuxedo only situation.  I learned long ago that a man that owns a nice suit, knows how to wear it, accessorize it, and liven it up can certainly impress.  A real life tip, learn to tie different tie knots.  Do not rely only on the Windsor knot for your ties!  You can buy books to learn or consult youtube!  My favorite is the Eldredge knot.

The Eldredge Knot

The Eldredge Knot

When I wear this knot on my tie, I always get asked, “Hey, what kind of knot is that?”  It is a great conversation starter and can definitely earn you some respect.  Spice it up with a classy tie pin or clip, but most importantly wear it with pride.  Check out this great tutorial on how to tie the Eldredge knot.  Also check out the Trinity knot, it’s another of my favorites!

A good collection of bowties and ties can certainly change the way your clothing looks, and if you feel as if your closet has gotten drab, try buying a new tie, learning a new knot and putting it with a shirt you haven’t worn in awhile, it’s bound to give it some new life.

Dress To Impress

Dress To Impress

What I Am Wearing:

Skin-NIVARO Crow Skin summertone
Hair-Atro Patena Neo
Eyes-.ID. Warrior Mesh Aqua
Facial Hair-NIVARO Beards – chopburns_black & elitist_dark
Glasses-Adjunct Eyewear – New Browline Readers – Black
Suit-FATEwear Suit – Edward-Claypit & Void (waistcoat)
Shoes-FIR & MNA The Ashford Brogue Mens Black Striped Patent
What Cameron Is Wearing:

Skin-BIRTH Thor Skin (light)

Eyes-poetic colors classic gen4 – last sun

Hair-Exile 6th Avenue Heartache:Hollywood

Suit-FATEwear Suit – Edward-Ocean

Shoes-Kauna Brogues: Black
Decor-Cheeky Pea Wanderer Bookshelf, PILOT Larkin Set – Cactus Planter, All office decor by kunst
Structure-[ba] NYC apartment skybox
Poses-Diesel Works Yash11 & Gabriel4


HANDverk released two beautiful skyboxes that I am thoroughly impressed with.

The  Longchamp skybox is HANDverk’s first store release of 2013 available in the single and double.  The Longchamp is a simple, elegant, all mesh skybox for either residential or commercial use. It is ultra low prim and the single size can fit on as small as a 512 sq.m. parcel.

What immediately came to mind when I rezzed the skyboxes on our sim was that it could be so many different things! I will be using it for a library/study as well as a vacation apartment.  You can utilize it in so many ways and at the low prim count it is sure to appeal to many different needs.

Going with the study first, I packed it full of Dutchie furniture, wanting to highlight the elegant spaciousness of the skybox itself and to focus on the mesh version of the maledom chair that Dutchie has packed full of animations to enjoy.

As many of you already know, this weekend was GOS Boutique’s first release of this exceptional open toed line.  I dubbed it GOStastic Saturday, and sent Mrs. Raynier to buy all the fatpacks!  It was worth every single penny.  The shoes are exquisite but the added convenience of GOS’s fluid and fast new ONEtime skin matching hud makes it so the frustration is gone from wearing beautiful shoes.

Mrs. Raynier has always had a hard time matching her skin to her shoes, something always seeming off and her grumbling and cursing can be heard throughout our sim!  But those days are gone.  She loaded the hud up, hit configure, picked her Belleza skin, hit sync and wallah she was matched to perfection.

The photo below has absolutely NO Photoshopping done to the ankles or shoes.  The only place I used PS was to smooth out a line in the library stack and by the ceiling.  The shoes are that damn good!

For in depth coverage of the new GOS Boutique line, please check out the official blog and the great posts from my fellow lady bloggers Harlow Heslop Strawberry Singh.

Now if you will excuse me, I need to get my lovely wife stripped naked save for the shoes!





What I Am Wearing:

Skin-NIVARO Crow Skin summertone
Hair-Atro Patena Ray
Eyes-.ID. Warrior Mesh Aqua
Facial Hair-Entente Facial Hair B – Goatee Un – Black  & NIVARO Beards – chopburns_black
Glasses-Adjunct Eyewear – New Browline Readers – Black
Suit-FATEwear Suit – Christopher
Shoes-Kauna Brogues: Black

What Gabriella Is Wearing:

Skin-Belleza Elle Dark Deep
Eyes-Mayfly– Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Red Mahogany)
Hair: TRUTH Dawson-espresso
Jewelry-EarthStones Nataliya Earrings & Necklace Spectrum
Dress: GizzA – Hankie Dress [Orient](Available @ Limited Bazaar)
Shoes-GOS Boutique Grace Sandal – Gold

DecorDutchie side table, Persian rug, standing library lamp, library wide part 1 no shadow,cast iron fireplace, Dutchie maledom chair 2.0

Scotch-Kitchen Korner Scotch Whiskey (not available)

Structure-*[HANDverk.architecture]Longchamp Skybox.single (only 16 land impact!)

*Promotional Copies-Thank you!

A Sharp Dressed Man

My go to tuxedos have always been by Lapointe & Bastchild.  I was even married in one.  Paul Lapointe knows a great tux, with options and unique appeal.  Yesterday he released his classic tuxedo in mesh!  I was overjoyed, and even battling the Hell Flu that won’t go away, I logged in right away to grab mine to try on.

A very awesome surprise is that the tuxedo comes with many options, built into a snazzy hud that makes dressing up extremely simple.  There are three different colors avaiable for purchase.  I am wearing the claret of course as my favorite color is red, but you can get it in slate and gold as well.

This is a must have addition for your wardrobe especially now for the holiday season, you’ll be glad you snatched it up.

A Sharp Dressed Man

A Sharp Dressed Man

What I Am Wearing:

Skin-NIVARO Crow Skin summertone
Hair-Exile 6th Avenue Heartache:Midnight
Eyes-.ID. Glimmer Contacts / Mesh / Aqua (Available @ The Arcade Gacha Events December 2012)
Glasses-K_gs Forgen 1.01
Suit-Lapointe & Bastchild “Modern Black Open Tuxedo” Set in Black with Claret Vest Wedding Suit
Shoes-Kauna Brogues: Black & White

The Men’s Dept-December: It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go.  A world of snow and festive lights abound in SecondLife.  Events have holiday themed items and goodies for all to join in the festive cheer.  The December round of The Men’s Department is filled with such items and as I always encourage, do not look at this event as a MEN ONLY event, for there are far too many great things to get there for everyone.

A few of those items kicked off December for Mrs. Raynier and I.  Decorating the house and Christmas tree a bit earlier than I usually do, we ended up having a nice afternoon in our home, by the fire, with a few of our beloved kitties.  That we ended up in a tangled mass of blinking lights and love is no surprise.  Thanks to a wonderful collaboration from Cheeky Pea and oOo Studio, we found the holiday spirit.

Mark your calendars for the December round of The Men’s Department, opening on the 5th!

TMD December

TMD December

What I Am Wearing:

Skin-NIVARO Crow Skin summertone

Hair & Hairbase-Exile

Hairbase-Entente Hairbase – B&W – Midnight black

Sexy Action News:Midnight

Facial Hair-Zovo Beard Goatee Black

Eyes-.ID. Mesh Warrior Eyes Aqua

Shirt-Kauna – Winter Jumper: Snowflake Red (Available @ faMESHed  December 2012)

Pants-22769 ~ [homme] grandfathers pants black (Available @ The Mens Dept-December 5th)

Shoes-Entente Cousteau Shoes

What Gabriella Is Wearing:

Skin-Belleza Elle Dark Deep

Eyes-Mayfly– Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Red Mahogany)

Hair-TRUTH Dawson – espresso

Shirt-Kauna – Winter Jumper: Snowflake Pink (Available @ faMESHed  December 2012)

Pants-(CM) TightAss Skinny Jeans -blue

Shoes-(LaRoo) Shearling Boots – Pink  (Available @ The Arcade Gacha Events December 2012)

Decor-:CP: Tynebank Antler Tree (Available @ The Mens Dept-December 5th)A.D.D.Andel! Seasons Snowglobe-Rainbow Sunshine RARE (Available @ The Arcade Gacha Events December 2012)

PILOT – Christmas Village [Arcade] (Available @ The Arcade Gacha Events December 2012)ANA_GingerbreadMan 15_Bloggers [bxd] RARE (Available @ The Arcade Gacha Events December 2012)
MudHoney Sweater Stocking (pink/green) & MudHoney Felt Ball Garland
Christmas Tree & Train-EarthDwellings Less Primmy Christmas Tree – Tasty, EarthDwellings – Christmas Train Track
Pose & Prop-Cheeky Pea and oOo Studio – Bright Lights



Unhinged is a fundraising gacha event for the lovely Eku Zhong.  Though I do  not know Eku personally, I understand on many levels, her journey with a serious health issue.  You can read a detailed explanation of Eku’s situation here, however the key is that she requires a prosthetic for her skull because the area where her zygotic arch meets the temporal bone is severely compromised.

Literally there is a risk that her zygotic arch could lift off the temporal arch and push the temporal bone into her brain. Actions as simple as chewing hard food or yawning the wrong way could cause this.  -From the official press release here.

Through a well organized event, full of gacha goodness as well as constant live DJ’ing, there is hope for Eku.  If you feel so inclined, take some time to head over to Unhinged.  Here are a few things you can find there!   Hang in there Eku!


What I Am Wearing:

Skin-NIVARO Crow Skin summertone

Hairbase-Redgrave Cruz Black

Facial Hair-Fruk Atom Beard

Eyes-.ID. Spark [Mens Dept.] / Mesh Eyes / Aqua (Available @ The Mens Dept-November 5th)

Suit-FATEwear Suit Willard

Shoes-Kauna Brogues: Black & White

UNHINGED ITEMS:  (Available @ Unhinged)

Pose Monster – Skull 1 (left hand)

Moth Collection Frame – Placed – COPY

Hanaya- Plants in the Pants (Roses with Heart) WEAR rare

DBS 2 concrete pots daisies primrose & chamomile B

*Shabby* SweetSkulls Stool-Sweetie

*Shabby* SweetSkulls Easel-Rainy

[FI] – Clockwork Music Bears

*FCD* Top Hat w Fiberoptic Plume – Red Plain

Pose & Prop-Misty Harley Unhinged Cane/Canekneel2