My best friend Lupa Serenity of Wolfmoon Designs just released an amazing and  fun item for the Meeroo community.  The Sit Anywhere Meeroo Tree.  What is great about this item is that you wear it, which means you can have it on ANYWHERE.  Lupa has an entire line of ‘ “Sit Anywhere” items to enhance your SLife.

The tree is beautiful and vibrant, allowing you to sit and enjoy a magical place with your Meeroo anytime you feel, anywhere you like.  Don’t worry about prims, this is just like wearing a watch or your hair.

Not limited to Meeroos, you can wear just about any pet or even a baby that allows for the same type of holding option.  She is offering this great item at a mere 100L at her shop Wolfmoon Designs.  Be sure to pick one up and take a look around at her other sit anywhere items and keep an eye out for more to come!

Please see Lupa’s notes included in the item for further info, listed after the photos for your convenience.

Sit Anywhere Meeroo Tree

Sit Anywhere Meeroo Tree

Thank you for purchasing this fantastic item from our Pet Meeroo Anywhere Product Line!
This is a fantastic accessory if you enjoy roleplay or just like to feel closer to your Meeroos.
It helps to turn off your AO before using this item.
First wear your Meeroo.
Second, wear your Pet Meeroo Anywhere accessory.
Lastly, enjoy snuggling your meeroo!
It helps to wear the meeroo first so that the accessory will over ride your arms, so that you can see the petting animation.
This item is a wearable prop only. It will not grant you regard with meeroos.
It is mod/copy/no transfer.
Due to differing avatar sizes and differing meeroo sizes, some adjusting of both the accessory and the meeeroo may be required.

*Meeroos not included.