TMD: Bromance!


All The Dudes Are Wearing:  [LOVE RE ME]Letter Jacket(various colors) (Available @ The Mens Dept-November 5th)

Pose & Prop-Exposeur Fall Bromance Bench (Available @ The Mens Dept-November 5th)

Credits from left to right.

What I Am Wearing:

Skin-NIVARO Crow Skin summertone

Facial Hair-Sacred 2.0 Goatee

Eyes-.ID. Spark [Mens Dept.] / Mesh Eyes / Aqua (Available @ The Mens Dept-November 5th)

Hair-Redgrave Cruz Black

Hairbase-Redgrave Cruz Black

Shirt-NANUK ture tee plain (holes)

Jacket-[LOVE RE ME]Letter Jacket (Red) Plain (Available @ The Mens Dept-November 5th)
Pants-FATEwear Pants – Jimmy – VolcanicTundra

Shoes-[ JP ]:dsg. Sneaker Senesy / Multi-color

What Mathias Is Wearing:

Skin-Belleza Jacob Tan

Hair-Exile Tidal Midnight

Eyes-.ID. Warrior Mesh Eyes Blue

Jacket-[LOVE RE ME]Letter Jacket (Indigo) Plain (Available @ The Mens Dept-November 5th)

Undershirt-Pig Dad Tank Periwinkle

Pants-FATEwear Pants – Jimmy – ArcticOcean

Shoes-[ JP ]:dsg. Sneaker Supreme / Multi-color

What Cameron Is Wearing:

Skin-BIRTH Thor Skin (light)

Eyes-poetic colors classic gen4 – last sun

Hair-Exile AJ:Hollywood

Jacket-[LOVE RE ME]Letter Jacket (Green) Plain +innerwear (Available @ The Mens Dept-November 5th)

Pants-FATEwear Pants – Jimmy – LondonAlley

Shoes-Adjunct Canvas Sneaker Black

What Chase Is Wearing:

Skin-Belleza Dylan SK 

Hair-DECO MESH Sloppy Mohawk (mana)

Hairbase-MADesigns BLACK Hair Base ~ Tribe 1

Eyes-.ID. Heterochromia Blue/Green


Tattoo-[Sleepy Bozer] Ocean Planet

Jacket-[LOVE RE ME]Letter Jacket (Black) Plain + innerwear (Available @ The Mens Dept-November 5th)

Pants-FATEwear Pants – Jimmy – LondonAlley

Shoes-[ JP ]:dsg. HighPads – Black

I Carry A Badge

Meet Detective Blackheart.  Specializing in Preternatural Investigations, Detective Blackheart knows about the things that go bump in the night, and is not afraid to bring them to justice.  He strives to find the true nature of a crimes criminal, in a world of Vampires, Lycans and other magnificent otherworldly beings, Detective Blackheart knows all too well how easy it is for those afraid of such beings to peg them as the bad guys.  Protecting society, human to magical being, everyone in his eyes has the right to know, who really did it.

I Carry A Badge

What Detective Blackheart Wears:

Skin-Belleza Ashton Medium

Eyes-Mayfly Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Emerald)

Hat-Gentelman Store Hat Gangster

Hairbase-VCD  01c

Facial Hair-*Valiant & Sacred*2.0 Goatee v2- Light &  NANUK Birken beard

Shirt-Adjunct Dress Shirt /White

Tie-{Gisaci} (Dyed in world)

Jacket-sf design trench coat black

Gloves-[1A] Salute gloves

Pants-[ h ] Premium Jeans

Shoes-[ h ] Dr. H – Black

Pipe-[ h ]

Weapons-D1-MTG P226 + RPCS/OSIRIS , BNWCS , CCS Enhanced +

Poses-Long Awkward PoseSTAKEY

Seasons Gatcha!

The Seasons Hunt was by far my utmost favorite hunt in Second Life.  I remember discovering it when I was a new resident and how much it opened up my eyes to amazing shops that I still frequent today.  The main one is Fir & Mna, a find I will cherish always for it’s definitely my style.   When the Seasons Hunt came to an end, I know I was really bummed!  So when the little birdies came out of their hiding places in the snow covered trees and whispered of something amazing to come, my ears perked and my shopaholic heart pitter-pattered.

The Seasons Gatcha Event: WINTER

Each season, we will be given a gatcha event!  I love gatchas, they are like gambling for shoppers and I so love to gamble.  You never know what you gonna get, and that is part of the fun!  I really love when a rare item makes my eyes go all dreamy and my palms itch to own it.  I hit the gatcha vendor over and over until I get it, and a few times I get really lucky and get them on first go.

I dragged Mrs. Raynier around the beautifully decorated gatcha area located on the My Pants sim and we had a blast.  We spent obscene money but every penny was well worth it.  I put together some of my great finds and lounged around on my new bed from the event, waiting for Mrs. Raynier to get home.  I’m hoping she’ll want to see whats beneath the hat! *wink wink*

You can find out more and see photos of the gatcha items at SeraphimSL who as always do an amazing job of covering our great events in Second Life.  Head on over, you’ll be glad you did!

Seasons Gatcha-Winter

What I Am Wearing:

Skin-Belleza Jakob Tan

Eyes-Fashism ’Sunrise’ Eyes – Turquoise

Ears-AITUI (Type 2) Stretched Ear – Human – 1/2″

Facial Hair- VCD  Express Yourself – Facial Hair – Corto – LJ – DARK

Everything below available at The Seasons Gatcha Event: WINTER

Bed-[*Art Dummy!] to rest. (platform, 4 poster bed, white)

Hat-[Sleepy Eddy] Gacha hat (Check-c)

Scarf-[Ill] Illusory_Zoo Friend Scarf – White Tiger

Wristband-*FIR & MNA* Trinity Wrist Tie – Canvas

Pants-NANUK norr long underwear bottom bear

Socks-Lark – Cozy Socks (Argyle Soot)

Poses-Glitterati & Long Awkward Pose

01100111 01100101 01100101 01101011


What I Am Wearing:

Hair-Dura Boy*31(Black)

Eyes-DAMNED – Eyes31

Headphones-[iruco] Headphones

Glasses-K_gs Tahua 1.00

Ears-AITUI (Type 2) Stretched Ear – Human – 1/2″

Facial Hair- VCD  Express Yourself – Facial Hair – Corto – LJ – DARK & NANUK Birken beard

Jacket-.:L&B:. S’Wear Mens “All Denim” Jacket Dk blue

Shirt-.:A&M:. Bicolor Tee – Light Grey 1

Backpack-Kari Turtle Backpack

Bag-[ JP ]:dsg.  DIVIDER BAG / Multi-color

Belt-*BLITZED*  BUG belt

Pants-FIR & MNA The Sheehy Pants Navy & Green

Suspenders-Kari Schwarz Suspenders – Stripe

Socks-Pig Argyle Sock M. Suspender – Allegory S

Shoes-Larnia Kids  Khucks lo-top gamer

Poses-Olive Juice

Le Mousquetaire Voyous

I have been battling graphics card issues along with everyone else who owns a NVIDIA GTX460 as well as my illness.  I needed a little break so that I did not feel as if doing my posts were a job, which just takes the fun and creativity out of it entirely.  While perusing my closet I came across one of the wedding gifts that my beloved Gabriella gave me the week of our wedding.  With Halloween just around the corner, this is my choice for a costume as it is not only one of my favorite characters and historic individuals but the quality is amazing.

Meet Porthos, created by the extremely talented Eric Humby of Quality Designs.  I discovered Quality Designs about my second week of Second Life.  I was doing quite a bit of roleplay with my otherworldly character who wore a great deal of armor and medieval style clothing.  The quality of Eric Humby’s work is divine!  From the flow of the material to the stitching and detail of every piece included in his sets, you come alive in his attire.

If you are wanting to be a King, Queen, Crusader or the like, head on over to Quality Designs and let your imagination meet the outfits needed for your look to come alive.

Le Mousquetaire Voyous

What I Am Wearing:

Musketeer-Quality Designs-Porthos

Hairbase-*Plume* Hairbase 08

Ears-AITUI (Type 2) Stretched Ear – Human – 1/2″

Facial Hair-*Valiant & Sacred* 2.0 Goatee V2 – Darker & Antebellum MDCCCLXXIX – Small burns, no hairbase & NANUK Birken beard

Eyes-.ID. Shine Eyes v2 – Blue-Green/Basic


Cuts You Up And Spits You Out

When I first came to Second Life my style swayed to the Gothic and Victorian look.  One of the shops that fulfilled that style for me was Lapointe & Bastchilde.  Paul Lapointe’s designs are beautiful, rich in tapestry and color and have a sense of life to them.

During my evolving fashion discovery in Second Life I sought out more styles that were like my own in real life.  As you have often seen, short pants or long shorts with polos, cardigans, T’s, leather and bow-ties.

As many designers evolve as well, Paul Lapointe kicked up his creations to the next level, reaching out to more than the Gothic & vampire community by creating the S’Wear line-urban street wear that keeps getting better and better.  You have seen me in his shoes, leather pants and the new leather jackets.  I last blogged the highly detailed and utterly realistic leather vest, but today I slipped on his newest creation, a full leather aviator jacket.  The detail is superb, you can practically smell the leather!

Perusing my favorite blogs, I discovered from Style Yakuza that Airflow had released a new cap & hair.  This was the perfect item to add to this lush heavy leather jacket.  Now to find some back alley to play craps in and maybe some trouble.

Cuts You Up And Spits You Out

What I Am Wearing:

Hair-*Airflow* Daily cap II

Glasses-GOS Custom Sunglasses v3.2 – AVIATOR

Hairbase-*Plume* Hairbase 08

Eyes-[sauce] oceanic flight ; eyes sm

Ears-AITUI (Type 2) Stretched Ear – Human – 1/2″

Facial Hair-EMORTAL CONCEPTS Facial Hair Tattoo~75 % Stubble

Necklace-A:S:S Droplet necklace coral

Jacket-.:L&B:.  S’Wear “Aviator” JACKET

Shirt-Bullwinkle scoop neck transparent – white (Now Anchored Apparel)

Pants-*Connors* Hip-huggers Jeans Blue patch



A Dark Rage

I had a way then losing it all on my own
I had a heart then but the queen has been overthrown
And I'm not sleeping now the dark is too hard to beat
And I'm not keeping now the strength I need to push me

You show the lights that stop me turn to stone
You shine It when I'm alone
And so I tell myself that I'll be strong
And dreaming when they're gone
Ellie Goulding-Lights (Bassnectar Remix)

A Dark Rage

What I Am Wearing:

Hair-MADesigns HAIR  SYD  Black VIII

Hairbase-*Plume* Hairbase 08

Eyes-[sauce] oceanic flight ; eyes sm

Ears-AITUI (Type 2) Stretched Ear – Human – 1/2″

Face Tattoo-Reila Skins Face Tattoo 1

Facial Hair-NANUK Birken beard & *Trailerstar* Goatee w/patch Dark w/o Hairbase

Piercings-KOWP (Store closed-creators profile states may re-open in future)

Necklace-.:L&B:. S’wear Couture Dog Tag – Gun Metal Fleur De Lis

Tank-+grasp+ Graphixx Tank_01/red/

Gloves-WMD (No longer available)

Vest-.:L&B:.  S’Wear Leather  Vest:Plain (NEW)

Belt-.:L&B:.  S’Wear “Fleur” Belt : Plain version

Pants-Abyss Distressed Leather Pants

Boots-Bobbysocks Warlord


It’s My SLife, Don’t You Forget!

I love the events in Second Life.  I try never to miss Fifty Linden Fridays, Super Bargain Saturdays, Lazy Sundays, etc.

This coming Super Bargain Saturday has some amazing items!  I have a sneak peek for you from Awesome Blossom and Argyle Anonymous.  If you find yourself looking for something to do Saturday, grab the SBS list from the group and take a look at the great bargains you can add to your SLife.  If you have never taken part in Super Bargain Saturday, I urge to, you will likely find a store you have never been to or revisit an old favorite you had forgotten about.

When you head over to Awesome Blossom, be sure to pick up the Autumn Harvest Crates also pictured for the Witch Hunt from September 15th-3oth for 10L.

You can find a list of participating stores here below along with a picture of what the witch hat that you’re hunting for looks like:

Be sure to do all this AFTER Saturday morning cartoons!

*Awesome Blossom Afternoon Hutch (blue) for SBS & Autumn Harvest Crates for the Witch Hunt

*Promotional Copies-Thank You!

Argyle Anonymous Socks For SBS

What I Am Wearing:

Dura *Dura-Boys&Girls*23(Black) (No hat version)

Hairbase-*Plume* Hairbase 08

Eyes-[sauce] oceanic flight ; eyes sm

Ears-AITUI (Type 2) Stretched Ear – Human – 1/2″

Facial Hair-NANUK Birken beard

Shirt-NANUK sven shirt grey only

Undies-Atlantic Crew The Force Boxerbriefs (Unable to find an existing store)

*AA-Blue Grey Patch Socks

Poses-Long Awkward Posegraph

*Promotional Copies-Thank You!

To The Center Of The City Where All Roads Meet, Waiting For You

After battling with various viewers, I finally got this shot taken. Very frustrating when you have a vision and it completely goes crazy because of technical difficulties.  That vision was a flashback look of mine in high school a long, long, LONG time ago.  Tapping my Converse against the wall, listening to Joy Division.  Good times.

To the center of the city where all roads meet, waiting for you

What I Am Wearing:


Eyes-[sauce] oceanic flight ; eyes sm

Ears-AITUI (Type 2) Stretched Ear – Human – 1/2″

Facial Hair-NANUK Birken beard

Shirt-+grasp+ Patch shirts +hood/CK_Red

Tank-+grasp+ Graphixx Tank_01/red/

Wrist Tape-SiniStyle Taped Fist

Pants-*Connors* BUCKLE BACK JEANS BLUE (New)

Belt-Atomic Music Belt Black (No longer available)

Shoes-[ JP ]:dsg. – HighPads

Poses-Olive Juice

Events Abound!

One of the great things about Second Life are all the events that take place.  From weeklies, monthlies and yearlies, there is always something for you to quench your shopping thirst.

I had some catching up to do on the current events, enjoying exploring old and new.  One of the things that I as a male avatar do not do, is discount an event as female only.  In doing so, I would have missed out on many things that even though not labeled as unisex, definitely are!

Events I explored this week:

collabor88 – Changed and updated on the 8th of each month.

The Nest Gachas -The Nest Labor Day Sidewalk Sale & Gatcha Event ends Friday so hurry!

The Wash Bi-Annual Cart Sale – Sept. 7-28. You’ll find items from over 75 designers and creators with all items priced at L$10 or less.

Upcoming: Aphotic Gloom eyes will be featured for CHIC : Fashionably Late event on Sept 11 to Sept. 17

Events Abound

What I Am Wearing:

Hat-Hermony Oversized Beanie

Glasses-:Mr.Poet:: Half Rim Eyeglasses

*Eyes-Aphotic Gloom Clarus Eyes (Special Edition #3) Buttercup for CHIC: Fashionably Late

Facial Hair-NANUK Birken beard & EMORTAL CONCEPTS~Facial Hair Tattoo~BLK Chin Curtain

Necklace-[W&B] Memory Collector Necklace TIPPED

Shirt-Hell Bop Clothing – Mack – Plaid Olive

Bracelet-EARTHSTONES Jiya Bracelet – Turquoise & Carnelian @ collabor88

Watch-Kari  Triple strap watch – Cappuccino

Pants-[ 2byte ] used half jean

Socks-Pig  Argyle Sock M. Suspender – Charlie S

Shoes-*League* High Tops2

Poses-Long Awkward Pose