Turn Up The Music

The 411:

*Skin-NIVARO– James Skin -summertone

Hair-Action James Veganic HAIR

Eyes- [Crash Republic] Candi MESH Eyes – teal

*Shirt-Glo-Mart Pocket Tank Reflection (Available for 49L Sale For Dudes August 18th 9:00 PM SLT to August 26th 9:00 PM SLT)

Watch-[ JP ]:dsg. LIBERATION clock

Tattoo-Zentro Floral tattoo (Available for 49L Sale For Dudes August 18th 9:00 PM SLT to August 26th 9:00 PM SLT)

Pants-[ JP ]:dsg.  Manoa JNS.



* Promotional Copy – Thank you for your generosity!

The Mens Dept – The Fields of Gold


What I Am Wearing:

Skin-NIVARO- Dan Skin – “MD Beard Edition” – nohair_bald (Available May 6th @ The Mens Dept)

Eyes- [Crash Republic] Candi Eyes – teal

*Hair-Exile::Hey Man Nice Shot (Available May 6th @ The Mens Dept)

Watch-+ILO+ SS Bracelet Watch [red] (Available @ Gala #2)

*Shirt-.:villena:. – Denim shirt w/studs Classic  (Available May 6th @ The Mens Dept)

Pants-[ JP ]:dsg. Kalaheo JNS. // blue // MALE

Shoes-(fd) Bossy Boots Large – Wingtip Brown The Arcade

Pose-3M w2_06

Location-Ocho Tango

The Mens Dept – Timeless

What I Am Wearing:

Skin-NIVARO- Dan Skin – “MD Beard Edition” – nohair_bald (Available May 6th @ The Mens Dept)

Eyes- .ID. Warrior / Mesh Eyes / Aqua

Glasses-K_gs Tahua

Hat-Blink The Gambler (Available May 6th @ The Mens Dept)

*Shirt-NERD:P Shirt NO.002  (Available May 6th @ The Mens Dept)

Pants-22769 ~ [homme] baggy capris (Available May 6th @ The Mens Dept)

Shoes-[LOVE RE ME]Sneaker01 Red (Available @ faMESHed June 2013)

Decor-22769 ~ [bauwerk] Vintage Soda Machine  (Available May 6th @ The Mens Dept)

Pose-Poseology (Available May 6th @ The Mens Dept)

Structure-epia warehouse



FATEwear Spring Release

Damien Fate just released a HUGE Spring line for FATEwear just in time to kick off the great weather!  So gents, get your Winter wear and pack it up, Spring is here and lively colors abound.  Snag up the great new HUD enabled items which have multiple parts to tint differently to make unique to your style.  Get the FATEpacks aka fatpacks to have up to 18 colors on the items! Damien truly has kept offering the customer more and more of what they desire and that speaks volumes.

Here is a taste of the new Spring releases.  Check out the official site for the entire blast of colors and styles!

FATEwear Spring Line 2013

What Chase Is Wearing:

Skin-Belleza Dylan SK 

Hair-Atro Patena Cleon_Black

Hairbase-MADesigns BLACK Hair Base ~ Tribe 1

Facial Hair–NIVARO Beards – goatee_black

Ears-MANDALA Plug(Hole_size_1/R) Stretched ears-Omimi

Eyes-.ID. Heterochromia Blue/Green

Necklace-KRASH Karma Necklace -male

Tattoo-[Sleepy Bozer] Alice (Available March 5th @ The Mens Dept)

Shirt-FATEwear Shirt – Shaw – (UT) Scripted

Pants-FATEwear Pants – Marty – (R) Scripted

Shoes-Adjunct Canvas Sneaker – MENS – Blue

What I Am Wearing:

*Skin-*Birth* Vince Skin (straw) buzzbeard (Available @ Skin Fair 2013 March 15th)

Hair-Exile AJ:Midnight

Hairbase-Entente B&W – Midnight black

Eyes-.ID. .ID. Glare [TMD] / Mesh Eyes / Aqua / (Available March 5th @ The Mens Dept)

Glasses-K_gs Domino 1.00 (Available March 5th @ The Mens Dept)

Hands[CheerNo] Hands_M#11 L [Mesh] & [M#12 R [Mesh]

Jacket & Shirt-FATEwear Jacket – Andy – (F) Scripted

Pants-FATEwear Pants – Marty – (R) Scripted

Shoes-[ JP ]:dsg. Sneaker Varial

What Cameron Is Wearing:

Skin-BIRTH Thor Skin (light)

Eyes-poetic colors classic gen4 – last sun 

Hair-Exile 6th Avenue Heartache:Hollywood

Shirt-FATEwear Shirt – Henry – (P) Scripted

Pants-FATEwear Pants – Marty – (R) Scripted

Shoes-2Real HOLBROOKZ Shoes

Pose-D.Luxx Poses – Boyband

Skin Fair 2013 – NIVARO

Skin Fair 2013 is almost upon us, have you checked out the official site for information and the great list of designers offering items for the event?  You can get the scoop here or check out my prior posts:


Skin Fair 2013

NIVARO Baptiste

Nivaro brings to the Skin Fair another great addition to their skin line called Baptiste.  I have worn my Nivaro skin for a long time and no matter what happens, I always go back to it as it just me.  The new Baptiste is another look that feels great on me and will likely be my new upgrade skin for this year.

I normally wear the summertone but the springtone of Baptiste really appealed to me as it is still in the nice cinnamon skin tones that I associate with my avatar being a combination of Spanish/French Cajun.

With great definition, a wide range of skin tones and great brows, unique parted hairbase, it has all the qualities for a fantastic base skin that you can add all the awesome Nivaro beards to.

I have on a Nivaro Brando shape as well, and there will be several available for you to choose from at the Fair or in the mainstore as well.

As with my prior post, no alterations in Photoshop have been made except for putting it all in the framing I use.  There are no edits so that you can see the skin for itself, however be certain you try it on to see what it truly looks like on you.

*Skin-NIVARO Baptiste Skin – springtone – trailhair_stubble_hair (Available @ Skin Fair 2013 March 15th)

*Eyes-Zanzo Kawa (Shibetsu)

Pants-<HVK> Boxer Briefs [Plaid V2] (Available March 5th @ The Mens Dept)

Socks-*League* Gartered Socks -Off White

Shoes-[ JP ]:dsg. Sneaker Supreme / Multi-color


*Promotional Copies – Thank You!

88 Man

Events are a blast in SecondLife, I enjoy them greatly, and have gotten pretty methodical about my shopping.  You see, I not only go shop for myself, but I make a list of all the things I want to buy Mrs. Raynier.  It is always a great perk when a vendor has gifting options that way I can send her all the things!  We then head on over to the event and shop together, pointing out what we like what colors or patterns we prefer.  If the event is ultra crowded we wait a few days so we can go together.

I have had conversations here and there with other residents about events in SL and often they do not know where to keep track of what is going on, or haven’t heard about certain events on the proverbial SL street.  I always point residents to SeraphimSL and urge them to add Seraphim to their RSS reader or subscribe in some fashion to keep up to date with the events they cover.

Another hang-up some residents have mentioned, and this is mainly the guys, feeling there is nothing at those events for the dudes.  Not true!  For example, this round of Collabor88 has Atro Patena putting out a new version of Nicholas, aptly named Nicholas II.  We also of course thankfully have the amazing event The Men’s Department which has been a fantastic event for men BUT not limited to just the male gender.  That’s what I love about events, you can find a little of everything at most of them, it just takes a little looking around and often the courage to look outside the box.

Take this great bow-tie necklace from Yummy, you may approach it with the thought that it is for girls only, well I challenge that and say nay, it’s for anyone that it fits their style, and we all know how much I love my bow-ties in real life and SL, so for me it was a must wear.

Think outside the box and dare to be yourself, no matter what the packaging shows, if it appeals to you, wear it!

88 Man

What I Am Wearing:

Skin-NIVARO Crow Skin summertone
Hair-[Atro Patena] – Nicolas II_Black (Available @ Collabor88 March 8th 2013)
Eyes-.ID. .ID. Glare [TMD] / Mesh Eyes / Aqua / (Available March 5th @ The Mens Dept)
Glasses-K_gs Domino 1.00 (Available March 5th @ The Mens Dept)
Necklace-(Yummy) Vintage Bow Charm Necklace (Available @ Collabor88 March 8th 2013)
Shirt-22769 ~ [homme] asymmetric shirt black/red (Available March 5th @ The Mens Dept)
Structure-*[ba] haight apartment skybox (Available @ Collabor88 March 8th 2013)



The Mens Department opened today!  What a great round, full of fun items, lots of decor and a theme that says to me games and relaxation.

Since I am laid up with a back injury on top of all my other illness related  stuff, I’ve had to make a cozy spot in my room to watch movies, play video games and above all else keep iced up and drugged out.  Like my SLife space, my real space pretty much looks like this just substitute the cozy chair for my bed and the pin-up girls for Catwoman inks by Jim Lee and you have the Chance recovery ward!

I hope your week is going grand and if it isn’t yet, here’s hoping it does soon!

What I Am Wearing:

Skin-NIVARO Crow Skin summertone
Hair-Dura 41
Eyes-.ID. .ID. Glare [TMD] / Mesh Eyes / Aqua / (Available March 5th @ The Mens Dept)
Glasses-K_gs Domino 1.00 (Available March 5th @ The Mens Dept)
Facial Hair-Fruk face fuzz – Free goatee (Available March 5th @ The Mens Dept)
Hands[CheerNo] Hands_M#11 L [Mesh] & [M#12 R [Mesh]
*Shirt-D R O P . Mesh V/N  Sweater w/Shirt PInk (Available March 5th @ The Mens Dept)
Pants-[CheerNo] Jeans Black_SK Low MFit_ Wash #1 (Available March 5th @ The Mens Dept)

*{vespertine- cubistic sidetable/carbon}

*[kusshon] its a mens world dresser & private screen

*MudHoney Ryan Club Chair, Pool Ball Candles, Magazine Holder

*:CP: Playing Games Console

Structure-PILOT  Trautmann Skybox

(Available March 5th @ The Mens Dept)

The Mens Dept – Hemingway Dreams

March 5th brings us a new round of the Mens Department!  What a round it is too, with just about everything you need for a new look, a fresh set of accessories and furnishings.  I love the variety we get at TMD, it just feels like being a kid in a candy store.

Hemingway Dreams

I am wearing this great jacket from villena, which comes in male AND female sizing!  A great texture HUD is included for the scarf and it also comes in moss.

You likely know by now I love facial hair, and the more realistic to how I like it in real life the better.  This TMD round FRUK has a great skin line for us, but they also put out this FREE facial hair.

Insufferable Dastard is my choice for eyes for mine are aqua and it is not the easiest shade to find.  This round they are offering the Glare series in many different colors to suit your eye needs.

Uw.st joins the TMD family this round bringing two hairstyles this month.  I am wearing the Seth, it has a nice swept back motion but I did have to wear a hairbase with it or it was a bit too far back for my shapes forehead.  Keep this in mind when you try the demo so that you can get the feel of  how it will lay on your avatars skull.

K_gs is back with a very stylish set of glasses.  I am a huge fan of K_gs for eyewear because the creator has so many options, from changing the texture of the frames to the lenses and that makes it so versatile for the wearer to go sunglasses or reading glasses with each set.  This particular pair is very much like my 2nd pair of glasses I wear in real life so it was a must have.

HANDverk has some great chairs and home accessories this round.  I am only showing the Swan chairs in red and white but there is a nice brown available also.  The side table with lamp and coffee made me think of Hemingway for some reason thus my blog post title.  Great detail to add to any home, shop or whathaveya!

These great animal prints are from vespertine which never fails to create fun items for your SLife.  I really love the cat one the most, I am a cat lover after-all   You really do need to see these in person, they have such great detail and the color palette’s are divine.

That’s all I have for you today, hopefully if I can find some energy later I’ll bring you a bit more of the great items from TMD.  Have a great week!

What I Am Wearing:

Skin-NIVARO Crow Skin summertone
Hair-Uw.st    Seth-Hair (Available March 5th @ The Mens Dept)
Eyes-.ID. .ID. Glare [TMD] / Mesh Eyes / Aqua / (Available March 5th @ The Mens Dept)
Glasses-K_gs Domino 1.00 (Available March 5th @ The Mens Dept)
Facial Hair-Fruk face fuzz – Free goatee (Available March 5th @ The Mens Dept)
*Jacket-.:villena:. – coat M [M] camel/dkbrown (Available March 5th @ The Mens Dept)
Shirt-A:S:S Slick v-neck – Aqua
Pants-.:villena:. tucked up jeans M/M dark blue Henninger Jeans
Decor- All (Available March 5th @ The Mens Dept)*[HANDverk]Swan Chair.red
*[HANDverk]Nelson Side Table.black
*[HANDverk]Half Nelson Lamp.chrome
{vespertine- animalia paper print

Structure-[AF] NEW YORK Studio Apartment
Pose-Poseology Rodney 5
*Promotional Copy-Thank You!

Smile, You Steal Away My Soul

Damien Fate is a creative machine.  He strives to not only have fresh new looks for men, but he is always improving on everything that he does.  Today’s release is a prime example of this and a new chapter in the FATEwear line, with an addition of a HUD.  Now I don’t know about you but anything that offers me the ability to have multiple color choices, and the ease of having one item versus that item in 6 colors taking up room in my inventory is win win.

The new HUD has color options and placeholders for additional items to come ie scarves, hats, jackets, all categorized and with the ability to color multiple sections of each item.  Very simple, and very handy, so thank you Damien for making what was already perfect, even more amazing.

I love glasses, I wear them in real life and enjoy finding new frames that have a little something unique to them or just a really classic clean feel.  The Iruco gacha is full of great glasses for this round of the Arcade and I am loving this pair of the blow glasses in black.  They come in other colors, so try your luck when the Arcade opens its doors March 1st!  I was lucky and got the black and red on my first tries and a nifty pair to share with Mrs. Raynier.  

I have been blogging a lot the past few days, despite still being sick with bronchitis and a bacterial infection in my sinuses.  I am thankful that I have been able to do so, it helps me feel less like a sick zombie and though it is a struggle to trudge through the pain when it is so high as it has been as of late with being out of remission from my illnesses, it is worth it in the end.

So I decided to get off of the Raynier sim and look around the grid.  I did not find anything on my own accord, but took a look at the talented Harlow Heslop’s blog today and found her most recent entry had been taken on a new sim to me,  It All Starts with a Smile Sim by Kaelyn Alecto.  Kaelyn has provided this great sim for just this purpose, an adventure out onto the grid to take photos or just enjoy the tranquility and fun of the sim.  Thanks Kaelyn, it’s a really inspiring little slice of heaven.

Smile, You Steal Away My Soul

What I Am Wearing:

Skin-NIVARO Crow Skin summertone
Hair-Redgrave Jacob
Eyes-.ID. Warrior Mesh Aqua
Glasses-[Iruco] gacha / blow glasses (bk) (Available March 1st 2013 @ The Arcade)
Facial Hair-Sacred 2.0 Stubble – Light
*Shirt-FATEwear Shirt – Ford
Pants-Ladies Who Lunch Henninger Jeans
Pose-Poseology Tyler 1
*Promotional Copy-Thank You!

The Arcade – March!

The Arcade is coming!  Are you ready?  Have you been saving your gacha money?  There is still time if you have not been tucking your Lindens away like I have!

I will have the privilege of bringing you a sneak peek of some of the items you will be striving for this great round of the Arcade.  So keep an eye out and in the meantime, check out the official sites for official information, the creator line-up and their amazing item advertisements!

Here is a sneak peek of the {what next} The Anywhere Lawn Chair (guys-red).  I love this lawn chair because it’s not the typical chair you place out in your yard or home, nope, this beauty goes WITH you.  Winter Thorn craftily created the Anywhere Lawn Chair so that you wear it and take it with you which is awesome for those no rez areas, and pretty much anywhere you want to go and sit.  When you fly it keeps you in the sit position and when you walk it puts you in a crouched like carrying your chair position which I must admit had me laughing.

Be sure to walk forward after attaching to engage the sit animation and walk/lift animation.  As always with an item such as this, turn off your AO so that it does not override the chairs animations.

You can get this great chair in many different colors at the Arcade when it opens March 1st!  Get ready, it is going to be one amazing ride!

Blog The Arcade Official Site

Waiting For The Arcade!

What I Am Wearing:

Skin-NIVARO Crow Skin summertone
Hair-Redgrave Jacob
Eyes-.ID. Warrior Mesh Aqua
Facial Hair-Sacred 2.0 Stubble – Light
*Shirt-[Exiled Inc.] Camo Black Open Vest w/ Shirt [MESH]
Pants-BlankLIne 011 PocketPants_M_Red
Shoes-Adjunct Volteen Hi-Top Sneaker – Red

*Lawn Chair-{what next} The Anywhere Lawn Chair (guys-red) (Available March 1st 2013 @ The Arcade)

*Promotional Copy-Thank You!