MWFW2012 Preveiw feat. Dura and Just Because

Menswear Fashion Week 2012 is just a week away!  All information can be found on the official MWFW 2012 website from designers to contest information as well as a schedule of events.  Men and lovers of men’s fashion, this is OUR time, so get ready and prepare to gear up the week of March 23rd-31st, 2012!

MWFW2012 Just Because Zane

What I Am Wearing:

*Hair-Dura Boy 33 Black MWFW2012

Skin-Belleza Jakob Tan

Eyes-Mayfly Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Morning Sea)

Ears-AITUI (Type 2) Stretched Ear – Human – 1/2″

Hairbase-VCD 01c

Facial Hair-Entente Facial Hair B – Beard Deux – Black

*Outfit: Just Because Zane MWFW2012

Shoes-.:L&B:.  Couture 2 strap Loafer

Poses-Mannerism, Olive Juice

*Promotional Copies-Thank You!

Spring Into Color

I am honored to be participating in Linden Labs Fresh Fashion: A Spring Fashion Event which will be taking place from March 5th to March 8th. My submission for the event focuses on springing your wardrobe to life. You can find the blog entry here as well as below.

I am also discussing a few topics in the Fashion Forums. Come on by and participate, I’d love to see you there!

Spring, a time to wash away the monochrome hues in a refreshing rain of color.  We see the tapestry around us turn from gloomy grays and spark alive with vibrant pastels, reds, blues, and greens.  Flowers bursts forth from the land and paints the rolling hills with  their blooming palette of color.

As the world washes away Winter’s grays, so should we do the same to our wardrobes.  Don’t let the layers bog you down, peel them away and let the colors cover you like they are covering the Spring time season.

Spring is a time for activities, from baby showers, weddings, holidays, barbecues, parties and vacations.  You need to gear up for such occasions, which is a perfect opportunity to make a few “go to” outfits  so you are prepared for all of the Springtime activities.

Here are a few looks that I put together for this Spring.  I normally wear a great deal of red, as it is my favorite color.  This Spring I wanted to embrace more colors into my wardrobe.

My first outfit is one I put together to wear for the following:

  1. a date at the docks
  2. the carnival
  3. a barbecue
  4. sailing
  5. any outdoor gathering

Spring Outfit 1

The second outfit is more fitting for the evening or night-time.  Whether you are going out with friends or on a date with that special someone, a little bit of layers can dress up a casual outfit like this.  Spring nights can be chilly, a jacket helps as it is not only an option to keep warm but to turn very casual into casual dressy.  I love to wear bow-ties, this gingham print reminds me of Spring no matter the color which made it perfect for this outfit.

Spring Outfit 2

My final outfit is more formal.  This would not be appropriate to wear to a Spring wedding however, so please keep that in mind.  Unless the wedding party requests you wear white, you should never do so.  White is clean and classy, you can put any color with it from a shirt to the accessories.  Do not be afraid to mix your color palette.

Spring is vibrant and lively, your wardrobe should be too!  Most importantly, have fun with your clothing.  They are an extension of you, your personality and quirks, the image you project is the one that comes to life when you embrace what you enjoy wearing.  Enjoy your Spring!

Spring Outfit 3

What I Am Wearing:

All Outfits:

Skin-Belleza Jakob Tan

Eyes-Mayfly Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Morning Sea)

Ears-AITUI (Type 2) Stretched Ear – Human – 1/2″

Spring Outfit 1:

Skin-Belleza Jakob Tan

Eyes-Mayfly Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Morning Sea)

Ears-AITUI (Type 2) Stretched Ear – Human – 1/2″

Hairbase-VCD 01c

Facial Hair-Entente Facial Hair B – Goatee Un &

Hat-REEK Cricket Hat

Glasses-Entente Savant Glasses

Scarf-Entente Voyage Scarf

Necklace-EarthStones Perfect Fit Necklace – His/Silver

Shirt-Entente Saile Tee – Antique & Red

Right Wrist-FIR & MNA Trinity Wrist Tie – Racecar

Left Wrist-Kari Barb Watch

Pants-FIR & MNA The Sheehy Pants Khaki

Shoulder Bag-IZUMIYA Basic Straw Bag/Chest

Lunchbox-[Love Soul] Lunch Box*Red*

Shoes-Entente Cousteau Shoes

Spring Outfit 2:

Glasses-:Mr.Poet: Half Rim Eyeglasses

Hair-Dura Boys&Girls*23(Black)

Facial Hair-EMORTAL CONCEPTS Facial Hair Tattoo~50 % Stubble & VCD Express Yourself – Facial Hair – Corto – LJ – DARK

Watch-Kari Triple Strap Watch Black

Shirt-Adjunct Dress Shirt /White

Bow Tie-Adjunct Bow Tie  – Green Gingham

Jacket-Entente Tweed Blazer – Navy – Rolled

Pants-Entente Classic Chinos – Mint

Suspenders-Kari Schwarz Suspenders – Stripe

Socks-Pig Argyle Sock M. Suspender – Gertrude S

Shoes-FIR & MNA The Ashford Brogue Mens Green Neon

Spring Outfit 3:

Hat-Entente Odilon Fedora

Suit-[ h ] Classic Suit – White

Shirt-Adjunct Dress Shirt /Pink

Bow Tie-Adjunct Bow Tie  – Candy Stripe 1

Socks-Pig Argyle Sock M. Suspender – Thad S

Shoes-FIR & MNA The Ashford Brogue Mens White Leather

Poses-olive juice, STAKEYSupposedlyMannerism

Intrigue My Imagination!

One of the things I try not to forget is to have fun.  Drop your cares away, drift off into a magical place, find exciting adventures.  But as adults we have so many obligations, stresses and worries we often forget to have fun.  We forget to make time to let our imaginations flourish.

As children we have a world of wonderment before us, even in just our room, our back yard, the garage.  The world was one big playground, and I enjoyed those grand imagined adventures to the fullest.  Adults lose touch with their inner child, forget that a broom stick was a sword, and tin foil made a great surface of metal for your cardboard shield.

That old weathered tree was a dragon breathing fire from its huge mouth, mothers garden was the land of the fairies. I used to put on my plastic tool belt and imagine they were all sorts of tools for adventuring.  A trusted helmet on my head, I was unafraid to fall from the huge castle walls my fence became.  My many toys became my sidekicks, equal adventurers who aided me against the many perils we faced.

When I first started adventuring in the virtual world, I discovered a great store that embraced imagination, Intrigue Co.  Creator Katharine McGinnis has a wonderful imagination and creates items and epic pajamas that make you feel like a kid again.  No matter what your age, there is something for everyone to wear or place in your home.

Seeing as it is Friday, I decided to relive my childhood, gear up and have some fun.  These shark gloves from Intrigue Co. are available in two colors for Collabor88. A set of piggy pajamas was just released yesterday as well, available in the main store. Take the short trip and grab them up, have some fun!

Intrigue My Mind

What I Am Wearing

Skin-Belleza Jakob Tan

Eyes-Mayfly Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Morning Sea)

Ears-AITUI (Type 2) Stretched Ear – Human – 1/2″

Hairbase-Entente B&W Midnight

Facial Hair- Entente Facial Hair B – Goatee Un

Hat--RC- Viking Hat

Glasses-<(wonderkids)! 3d glasses  (Store Under Construction no working slurl)

Nose-REEK Pencil

Shirt-Strayer Beastday Jacket

*Gloves-Intrigue Co. – Blue: Whale gloves (L), White: Whale gloves (R)

Belt-Asphyxya Builder Belt

Jeans-[ h ] Painted Jeans – Indigo

Shoes-Larnia Kids Kicks lo-tops Leggo My Blocks

Poses-Supposedly & Olive Juice

*Promotional Copies-Thank You!

An Important Date

Dress for the occasion.  What does that mean?  It is rather simply, dress appropriately for the event or function you have been invited to.

Many  make the mistake of dressing too elaborately or too casually to events such as weddings.  There are some key golden rules for such a function.  Do not try to outdo the bride, it is her day, she is to be the most fabulous without a doubt.

If you are asked to dress a certain way, comply, or sit the event out.  When in doubt, go with the classics.  For men, a suit and tie works great.

REDGRAVE just released a great suit that I snatched up for such an occasion.  Though the suit comes with a black tie and black bow-tie option, I added one of my bow-ties from my huge  bow-tie collection, a pair of my favorite shoes and am set to enjoy a special afternoon.

If you do not own a suit, I urge you to get one.  Black and gray are classic colors that you can switch up with different ties and shirts.  Don’t wait for an occasion to arise, that way you don’t have to rush and be flustered, usually resulting in not wanting to go.  Plus, a special date with that special someone makes for a great time to suit up!

An Important Date

What I Am Wearing:

Skin-Belleza Jakob Tan

Eyes-Mayfly Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Morning Sea)

Ears-AITUI (Type 2) Stretched Ear – Human – 1/2″

Hairbase-Entente B&W Midnight

Facial Hair- Entente Facial Hair B – Goatee Un

Hair-Shag My Command-Raven

Glasses-:Mr.Poet:: Half Rim Eyeglasses

Suit-REDGRAVE Milano Suit Steel (bow-tie hidden to wear a different color from my collection of bow-ties)

Bowtie-Adjunct Bow Tie  – Candy Stripe 6

Shoes-*FIR & MNA* The Ashford Brogues-Black Striped Patent

Poses-STAKEY & Olive Juice

Is There Something To Do

Is There Something To Do

What I Am Wearing:

Skin-Belleza Jakob Tan

Eyes-Mayfly Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Morning Sea)

Ears-AITUI (Type 2) Stretched Ear – Human – 1/2″

Hat-Entente Fleur Fedora

Hairbase-Entente B&W Midnight

Facial Hair- Entente Facial Hair B – Beard Deux, Goatee Un & VCD  Express Yourself – Facial Hair

Glasses-Entente  Savant Glasses

Watch-*BLITZED* Legacy Watch

Necklace-EarthStones  Perfect Fit His

Shirt-Doppelganger Forester Navy

Pants-Entente Deep Pocket Jean Midnight

Suspenders-*~MM’s~* BlackBase-W-Belt+Suspenders

Shoes-DECO Test Boot

Poses-olive juice


Nile Dreams

Nile Queen

Nile King

What Gabriella Is Wearing:

Hair-TRUTH Andrea espresso

Skin-Belleza Elle Deep Tan

Arm Bracelets-Illusions Semeret Bangles and Cuffs

Eyes-FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Brown

Jewelry-EarthStones Natalia

Outfit-Illusions Semeret

Shoes-Zaara Llaida Mojri

What Chance Is Wearing:

Headdress-Illusions Nemes Headdress

Skin-Belleza Jakob Tan

Eyes-Mayfly Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Morning Sea)

Liner-~Tableau Vivant~ Vincent Make up 1 eyeliner

Ears-AITUI (Type 2) Stretched Ear – Human – 1/2″

Facial Hair- VCD  Express Yourself – Facial Hair -1  &  3 , LJ Attachment Option 1 – BLACK

Collar-Illusions Nemes

Arm Bracelets-Illusions Semer Bangles and Cuffs

Outfit-Illusions Semer

Shoes-T.E.D. Salinus Sandals Black

PosesLong Awkward PoseOlive JuicePurple Poses, Kabuki

Pharaoh Palace build by Lupa Serenity of Wolfmoon Designs

01100111 01100101 01100101 01101011


What I Am Wearing:

Hair-Dura Boy*31(Black)

Eyes-DAMNED – Eyes31

Headphones-[iruco] Headphones

Glasses-K_gs Tahua 1.00

Ears-AITUI (Type 2) Stretched Ear – Human – 1/2″

Facial Hair- VCD  Express Yourself – Facial Hair – Corto – LJ – DARK & NANUK Birken beard

Jacket-.:L&B:. S’Wear Mens “All Denim” Jacket Dk blue

Shirt-.:A&M:. Bicolor Tee – Light Grey 1

Backpack-Kari Turtle Backpack

Bag-[ JP ]:dsg.  DIVIDER BAG / Multi-color

Belt-*BLITZED*  BUG belt

Pants-FIR & MNA The Sheehy Pants Navy & Green

Suspenders-Kari Schwarz Suspenders – Stripe

Socks-Pig Argyle Sock M. Suspender – Allegory S

Shoes-Larnia Kids  Khucks lo-top gamer

Poses-Olive Juice

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Baby It's Cold Outside

What I Am Wearing:

Hair-Dura ::GB:: & *Dura*  Knit Cap (Black) NEW!

Glasses-:Mr.Poet:: Half Rim Eyeglasses

Eyes-Fashism ’Sunrise’ Eyes – Turquoise

Liner-cheLLe Eyeliner Basics (Full)

Scarf-[ h ] Scarf – white

Shirt-[Sleepy Eddy] Layered Football Sweat (Red)

Cuff-Kari Key Cuff – Black (L)

Watch-Kari Triple strap watch – Black (L)

Pants-[ h ] Classic Jeans – Ocean – Rolled Up

*Shoes-FIR & MNA  The Bowlorama Shoes Burgundy & Black for Fifty Linden Friday (other colors available) NEW!

Poses-Olive Juice

*Promotional Copies-Thank You!

Let It Snow

Fifty Linden Friday has a lovely mix of Wintery goodness for us today.  I put on the cozy The Burren Boots from FIR & MNA  for FLF and the rest just fell together like December snow.

Ma cherie amour Gabriella helped me enjoy the afternoon bundling up and having a good old fashioned snow ball fight.  A great start to the weekend, here’s hoping yours is filled with wonderment and fun!

Let It Snow!

What Gabriella Is Wearing:

Hair-Truth  Blair – espresso

Eyes-Fashism ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Deep Brown

Liner-cheLLe Eyeliner Basics (Full)

Jewelry-EarthStones Laraine Rainbow/Platinum

Scarf-BOOM Slim Scarf coal

Coat-NV Rebel Coat -Black-

Sweater-BOOM  The Cashmere -teal

Pants-BOOM  Gettin Low Jean black v2

Shoes-BAX Prestige Boots Black Leather

What I Am Wearing:

Hat-theosophy Jedburgh Hat (Cardinal)

Eyes-Fashism ’Sunrise’ Eyes – Turquoise

Liner-cheLLe Eyeliner Basics (Full)

Facial Hair-Fruk Face Fuzz – Chiny Chin Beard Black

Sweater-RONSEM Mole Sweater(j) / black

Pants-Connors Hip-huggers Jeans Blue patch

*Shoes-FIR & MNA  The Burren Boots for Fifty Linden Friday

Prop- Awesome Blossom Christmas Yard Signs (Group Gift!)

Poses-*Purple PosesMagnifique @ The Theme ParkOlive Juice for FLF

*Promotional Copies-Thank You!

To The Center Of The City Where All Roads Meet, Waiting For You

After battling with various viewers, I finally got this shot taken. Very frustrating when you have a vision and it completely goes crazy because of technical difficulties.  That vision was a flashback look of mine in high school a long, long, LONG time ago.  Tapping my Converse against the wall, listening to Joy Division.  Good times.

To the center of the city where all roads meet, waiting for you

What I Am Wearing:


Eyes-[sauce] oceanic flight ; eyes sm

Ears-AITUI (Type 2) Stretched Ear – Human – 1/2″

Facial Hair-NANUK Birken beard

Shirt-+grasp+ Patch shirts +hood/CK_Red

Tank-+grasp+ Graphixx Tank_01/red/

Wrist Tape-SiniStyle Taped Fist

Pants-*Connors* BUCKLE BACK JEANS BLUE (New)

Belt-Atomic Music Belt Black (No longer available)

Shoes-[ JP ]:dsg. – HighPads

Poses-Olive Juice