This Is Where I Heal My Hurts

The 8th has arrived and you know what that means, Collabor88 is open and in full swing!  The theme this December round is Hibernation.  The items are all very hearth oriented and remind me of the special spots we have in our own homes that we retreat to for solace.

Seven Emporium has the most exquisite retro entertainment items for this round.  From a classic retro television to varying devices to listen to music and a cozy lounge style couch, this is truly a magnificent addition to any home, lounge or club.

Pilot embraced the hibernate theme fully with a cozy area for the creative type, the reader, the artist, to rest upon cozy pillows and an illumination of candles.  This is a great little spot to relax or spend time with a friend or loved one.

All of these amazing items are resting in the equally comfortable and hibernate themed Trilby Dacha by Scarlet Creative.  With two versions, one with snow and one clean, the structure itself is uniquely shaped, roomy interior and beautiful textures, a truly unique abode for your shelter needs.

Find this and much more at the current round of Collabor88, now.


Scene 411: All Items (Available @ Collabor88)

*7 – Philby Double Sofa
*7 – Philby Record Player
*7 – Philby Television
*7 – Philby Radio

*PILOT – C88 Hibernate

*Scarlet Creative The Trilby Dacha Mesh Prefab

* Promotional Copy – Thank you for your generosity!

Fall Into Me


Her 411:

Hair-Exile::Falling For You (Available @ Collabor88 September 8th)

Outfit-*League* Etta Dress (Available @ Collabor88 September 8th)

Shoes-*League* Lauren Boots (Available @ Collabor88 September 8th)

His 411:


Shirt-AB Plaid Unbuttoned Shirt (Available September 5th @ The Mens Dept)

Pants-bastard – Ash Gabardine Casual Baggys (Available September 5th @ The Mens Dept)

Shoes-djunct – Cactus Flower Boot – Onyx (Available September 5th @ The Mens Dept)

Scene 411:

PILOT – Fall Garden [Day] (Available @ Collabor88 September 8th)

DIGS – Pumpkin Seat – Green [MESH] RARE (Available @ The Arcade Gacha – September 1, 2013)

.:Standby Inc. – CH Gatcha – Latte (Heart) (Available @ The Arcade Gacha – September 1, 2013)

{vespertine- apple crate (Available @ The Arcade Gacha – September 1, 2013)

DIGS – Straw Bale Seat – Burnt Orange [MESH] (Available @ The Arcade Gacha – September 1, 2013)

The Secret Store – My first Boombox – Lime (Available @ The Arcade Gacha – September 1, 2013)

Pose 411: RACK Poses – Capture Me (includes camera)

Destination Love


The 411:

Skin-Sacred- TYLER skin (Available @ We <3 Roleplay)

Hair-[monso] My Hair – Yong/ Regular Pack 2 (Available @ Collabor88 August 8th)

Eyes- [Crash Republic] Candi MESH Eyes – teal

*Facial Hair- Sacred- TYLER Facial Hair – Beard 2 – Black

Watch-Entente- Tardif Watch


*Shirt-Sleepy Eddy Gradation Summer Knit (Available August 5th @ The Mens Dept)

*Pants-!APHORISM! White Linen_pants (Available August 5th @ The Mens Dept)

Shoes–Entente- Marche Shoes – Homme

Bazar Toronto-Dining room cabinet

Bazar Toronto-Coffee art

Bazar Good morning Set

7 – Two Cigar Boxes

7 – Love Vintage Sign

[ keke ] tea tins

*.: Standby Inc. – Gramophone (Blue) (Available @ Collabor88 August 8th)

*.:Standby Inc. – Globe Bar (Monochrome) (Available @ Collabor88 August 8th)

PILOT – Deco Dining (Available @ Collabor88 August 8th)

PILOT – Destination [Europe]

PILOT – Aviation Wall Art – Black Frame

POST: Mesabi Railroad Lantern

Structure-[ba] carraway bungalow (Available @ Collabor88 August 8th)



The Mens Department opened today!  What a great round, full of fun items, lots of decor and a theme that says to me games and relaxation.

Since I am laid up with a back injury on top of all my other illness related  stuff, I’ve had to make a cozy spot in my room to watch movies, play video games and above all else keep iced up and drugged out.  Like my SLife space, my real space pretty much looks like this just substitute the cozy chair for my bed and the pin-up girls for Catwoman inks by Jim Lee and you have the Chance recovery ward!

I hope your week is going grand and if it isn’t yet, here’s hoping it does soon!

What I Am Wearing:

Skin-NIVARO Crow Skin summertone
Hair-Dura 41
Eyes-.ID. .ID. Glare [TMD] / Mesh Eyes / Aqua / (Available March 5th @ The Mens Dept)
Glasses-K_gs Domino 1.00 (Available March 5th @ The Mens Dept)
Facial Hair-Fruk face fuzz – Free goatee (Available March 5th @ The Mens Dept)
Hands[CheerNo] Hands_M#11 L [Mesh] & [M#12 R [Mesh]
*Shirt-D R O P . Mesh V/N  Sweater w/Shirt PInk (Available March 5th @ The Mens Dept)
Pants-[CheerNo] Jeans Black_SK Low MFit_ Wash #1 (Available March 5th @ The Mens Dept)

*{vespertine- cubistic sidetable/carbon}

*[kusshon] its a mens world dresser & private screen

*MudHoney Ryan Club Chair, Pool Ball Candles, Magazine Holder

*:CP: Playing Games Console

Structure-PILOT  Trautmann Skybox

(Available March 5th @ The Mens Dept)

Dress To Impress

Dress to impress, that is what I was always told by my parents in regards to many situations: dates, interviews, social events, the theater, opera, etc.  But most of all be comfortable in your own skin.  I love to dress in vests and bowties, they snazz up a simple white dress shirt and can be worn with jeans or slacks.

Damien Fate has just released the new Edward suit line at FATEwear.  This suit goes far beyond anything else he has released and that is saying a great deal as he strives already to go above and beyond.  The Edward line contains 7 different looks!  You can wear it in a full three piece suit (shirt, tie, waistcoat, jacket) or you can casual it down to the point you only wear the shirt untucked, no tie.  With every combo in between and an exceptional over the shoulder jacket option (including animation) the dapper dresser has only the limitation of his imagination with this new line.

Equally you can buy additional ties and shirts to liven it up and give it that YOU feel.  To see all the suit options, features and goodies, check out the official FATEwear blog.

No matter what your needs are in SL, do yourself a favor and at least own one great suit.  As with real life, owning a black three piece suit can be used for just about anything that arises save for the black tie tuxedo only situation.  I learned long ago that a man that owns a nice suit, knows how to wear it, accessorize it, and liven it up can certainly impress.  A real life tip, learn to tie different tie knots.  Do not rely only on the Windsor knot for your ties!  You can buy books to learn or consult youtube!  My favorite is the Eldredge knot.

The Eldredge Knot

The Eldredge Knot

When I wear this knot on my tie, I always get asked, “Hey, what kind of knot is that?”  It is a great conversation starter and can definitely earn you some respect.  Spice it up with a classy tie pin or clip, but most importantly wear it with pride.  Check out this great tutorial on how to tie the Eldredge knot.  Also check out the Trinity knot, it’s another of my favorites!

A good collection of bowties and ties can certainly change the way your clothing looks, and if you feel as if your closet has gotten drab, try buying a new tie, learning a new knot and putting it with a shirt you haven’t worn in awhile, it’s bound to give it some new life.

Dress To Impress

Dress To Impress

What I Am Wearing:

Skin-NIVARO Crow Skin summertone
Hair-Atro Patena Neo
Eyes-.ID. Warrior Mesh Aqua
Facial Hair-NIVARO Beards – chopburns_black & elitist_dark
Glasses-Adjunct Eyewear – New Browline Readers – Black
Suit-FATEwear Suit – Edward-Claypit & Void (waistcoat)
Shoes-FIR & MNA The Ashford Brogue Mens Black Striped Patent
What Cameron Is Wearing:

Skin-BIRTH Thor Skin (light)

Eyes-poetic colors classic gen4 – last sun

Hair-Exile 6th Avenue Heartache:Hollywood

Suit-FATEwear Suit – Edward-Ocean

Shoes-Kauna Brogues: Black
Decor-Cheeky Pea Wanderer Bookshelf, PILOT Larkin Set – Cactus Planter, All office decor by kunst
Structure-[ba] NYC apartment skybox
Poses-Diesel Works Yash11 & Gabriel4

Collabor88 January 2013!

That 8th sneaked up on me this new year, but it has proven to be a tremendously impressive Collabor88 thus far!  Kicking off 2013, the blogger team of Collabor88 were honored with creating this months palette for the designers.  With rich emeralds, golds and hues of copper and soft woods, it definitely has a crisp new feel to it which is just perfect for a new beginning.

I was very pleased to see a lovely skybox by PILOT this round which I am leaving on my sim for good.  The simplicity of it is just perfect and the beamed ceiling adds something completely fresh yet classic to the structure.  The tones are warm, inviting and offer a great canvas to brighten it up or keep it tranquil.  Hardwood floors and bay windows add to the crisp clean feel, making this a structure with endless possibilities.


Collabor88 January

Cheeky Pea creative genius Isla Gaelach never ceases to impress me with her furnishings and decor.  The Ansel set for Collabor88 is inline with this lovely fresh, crisp feel for the new year.  With an emphasis on lighting, subtle to charming, the tonal qualities of the furnishings and decor truly bring to mind an Earthen feel, which for me equals cozy and safe.  The exceptionally detailed atrium is rather mesmerizing and brings life to this room in a rather magical way.  Rustic tables to place old well worn and loved books, candles and the like speak of a home that is lived in rather than a museum to just admire.    The seating come in two types; PG & ADULT, and each packed with tons of smooth lush animations.   Original mesh at its absolute best, a staple in Cheeky Pea creations.

Collabor88 January

Collabor88 January

My favorite item from this round of Collabor88 is the Intrigue Co.’s Oz mobile.  The rainbow makes me think of my Gabriella, and the whimsical quality simply gave me a reason to grin.  I will be relocating the mobile to a very special room that is being decorated this month for a very special collaboration between Gabriella and myself.  More on that in the weeks to come!

Have a wonderful week and be sure to set aside some time to shop this months Collabor88.

What I Am Wearing:

Skin-NIVARO Crow Skin summertone
Hair-[taketomi] Zayn_WithMeshBase_Black03
Eyes-.ID. Warrior Mesh Aqua
Facial Hair-Atro Patena Beard A3
Glasses-Adjunct Eyewear – Precise Readers 2.0 – Black
Shirt-Sleepy Eddy Turtleneck Fisherman Sweater (Red) (Available @ The Mens Department January 5th 2013)
Hands[CheerNo] Hands_M#11 L [Mesh] & [M#12 R [Mesh]
Pants-Razorblade Jacket Hoon Faded Cords – Blue (Available @ The Mens Department January 5th 2013)

Decor-:CP: Ansel Living Room (All) (Available @ Collabor88 January 8th 2013) , Intrigue Co. – Oz Mobile (Available @ Collabor88 January 8th 2013)

Structure-PILOT – Trautmann Skybox (Available @ Collabor88 January 8th 2013)

Pose-expressive poses Simon

The Men’s Department-January 2013!

The new round of The Men’s Department starts on the 5th, kicking off 2013 with a new build and another amazing set of creations for the grid!

Here is just a peek at some of the goodies you can snatch up when it opens.  Be sure to check out the official Flickr  for more sneak peeks and highlights from this round.

The Men's Dept January 2013

The Men’s Dept January 2013

What I Am Wearing:

Skin-Nivaro Emerson Skin Elitist Beard (Available @ The Mens Department January 5th 2013!)
Eyes-.ID. Warrior Mesh Aqua

(Available @ The Mens Department January 5th 2013!)

Pipe-Adjunct Mesh Pipe – Manhattan (Available @ The Mens Department January 5th 2013!)

Jacket-Credo Mackintosh Clisham Jacket (Available @ The Mens Department January 5th 2013!)

Pants-Razorblade Jacket Hoon Faded Cords – Blue (Available @ The Mens Department January 5th 2013!)

Shoes-J’s Short Boots Laceup

Decor Available At TMD January-[kusshon]oslo shelf & lounge, Ilo Model Form (Available @ The Mens Department January 5th 2013!)

Additional Decor-PILOT Aviation Set (Available @ faMESHed) , What Next Resolutions Prints (VIP GROUP GIFT)

Happy Holidays From The Raynier’s!

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

This holiday season has been filled with tremendous amounts of beautiful and fun festive items for all of us to enhance our virtual worlds with.  By far my favorite is this brilliant collaboration from PILOT creator Kaz Nayar and EXPOSEUR creator Rubystarlight Writer!

Full of couples poses, including a girl/girl and a group, it is like a holiday party in this exquisite original mesh snow globe.  Picture perfect for your holiday greeting cards, you can grab your own at either PILOT’s main-store or EXPOSEUR’s main-store, how convenient!

I stole Mrs. Raynier away from studying for a little bit to do our Christmas photos.  We did not have time to show you the rest of the poses, the girlfriends and group, but maybe if we get a chance tomorrow we can do a part deux of this beautiful creation.

From our entwined hearts to yours, we wish each and every one of you the most joyous, resplendent  wonder filled holiday season and the best possible New Year to come.  May it bring you every dream in your heart, love, happiness and a wealth of prosperity, but most of all, great health to enjoy it all!

Close Up Worth A Thousand Words

Close Up Worth A Thousand Words

All I Want For Christmas Is You!

All I Want For Christmas Is You!

Whispers Of Love

Whispers Of Love

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

You Are The Greatest Gift

You Are The Greatest Gift

What I Am Wearing:
Skin-NIVARO Crow Skin summertone
Hair-Exile 6th Avenue Heartache:Midnight
Hairbase-Belleza- Tan Dark hair base (Included w/Ethan Frost Available @  FROST thru January 2nd 2013!)
Eyes-.ID. Glimmer Contacts / Mesh / Aqua (Available @ The Arcade Gacha Events December 2012) 
Scarf-FATEwear Ron – Holiday RF (Subscirber Gift!)
Suit-FATEwear Suit Smith Volcano
Glovs-FATEwear Glove George – Holiday (Subscirber Gift!)
Shoes-FIR & MNA The Ashford Brogues Green Neon
What Gabriella Is Wearing:
Skin-Belleza Elle Dark Deep
Eyes-Mayfly– Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Red Mahogany)
Hair: TRUTH Sassy 2 – espresso
Gloves- Baiastice Velvet long gloves – red
Dress-coldLogic dress – frost.scarlet
Jewelry-EarthStones Romance
Shoes-Maitreya Gold Liaison – Raven
Pose & Prop-PILOT & exposeur – Snow Globe

The Men’s Dept-December: It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go.  A world of snow and festive lights abound in SecondLife.  Events have holiday themed items and goodies for all to join in the festive cheer.  The December round of The Men’s Department is filled with such items and as I always encourage, do not look at this event as a MEN ONLY event, for there are far too many great things to get there for everyone.

A few of those items kicked off December for Mrs. Raynier and I.  Decorating the house and Christmas tree a bit earlier than I usually do, we ended up having a nice afternoon in our home, by the fire, with a few of our beloved kitties.  That we ended up in a tangled mass of blinking lights and love is no surprise.  Thanks to a wonderful collaboration from Cheeky Pea and oOo Studio, we found the holiday spirit.

Mark your calendars for the December round of The Men’s Department, opening on the 5th!

TMD December

TMD December

What I Am Wearing:

Skin-NIVARO Crow Skin summertone

Hair & Hairbase-Exile

Hairbase-Entente Hairbase – B&W – Midnight black

Sexy Action News:Midnight

Facial Hair-Zovo Beard Goatee Black

Eyes-.ID. Mesh Warrior Eyes Aqua

Shirt-Kauna – Winter Jumper: Snowflake Red (Available @ faMESHed  December 2012)

Pants-22769 ~ [homme] grandfathers pants black (Available @ The Mens Dept-December 5th)

Shoes-Entente Cousteau Shoes

What Gabriella Is Wearing:

Skin-Belleza Elle Dark Deep

Eyes-Mayfly– Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Red Mahogany)

Hair-TRUTH Dawson – espresso

Shirt-Kauna – Winter Jumper: Snowflake Pink (Available @ faMESHed  December 2012)

Pants-(CM) TightAss Skinny Jeans -blue

Shoes-(LaRoo) Shearling Boots – Pink  (Available @ The Arcade Gacha Events December 2012)

Decor-:CP: Tynebank Antler Tree (Available @ The Mens Dept-December 5th)A.D.D.Andel! Seasons Snowglobe-Rainbow Sunshine RARE (Available @ The Arcade Gacha Events December 2012)

PILOT – Christmas Village [Arcade] (Available @ The Arcade Gacha Events December 2012)ANA_GingerbreadMan 15_Bloggers [bxd] RARE (Available @ The Arcade Gacha Events December 2012)
MudHoney Sweater Stocking (pink/green) & MudHoney Felt Ball Garland
Christmas Tree & Train-EarthDwellings Less Primmy Christmas Tree – Tasty, EarthDwellings – Christmas Train Track
Pose & Prop-Cheeky Pea and oOo Studio – Bright Lights


Cinema-Premiering Saturday!

Official Cinema Promotional Image Courtesy of The Hottie Cooterati Experience

Are you ready for something straight out of the creative well that springs to life blockbusters and epic classic films?  Want to walk down the red carpet like a Hollywood celebrity to the premiere of this years most anticipated production?  Bright lights, big city, paparazzi flash and designers that know how to accentuate every curve with sex appeal and allure.

The brilliant minds of The Hottie Cooterati Experience have just the ticket you need to this extraordinary event.  I’m talking about CINEMA!  A Hottie Cooterati Experience production that will not only bring to you exceptional items but a theme that all of us can get excited about.

On October 13th CINEMA will premiere!  You will be immersed in film, from genres to the absolutely stellar custom full MESH theater build by the Dynamic Duo of Kaz Nayar of Pilot and Isla Gealach of Cheeky Pea!  It gets even better, the Dynamic Duo teamed up with the ultra talented Anya Ohmai who has created the most epic of concession stands to pull together a sizzling threesome that is sure to pleasure any voyeur!

Sponsored by FENNUX, AUXILIARY, cheeky pea, Pilot, BOOM Clothing, FLOORPLAN, MONS, Ezura Xue, CandyDoll, ALICE PROJECT, lassitude & ennui!  Do I really need to say more? Oh yes, yes I do.  This is the creative brainchild of the enigmatic RubyStarlight Writer who pushes the envelope and gives us what we really want but are so often too afraid to admit.

We want CINEMA, we want  7 themes : Horror, SciFi, Action/Adventure, Film Noir, Fantasy/Musicals, Romance, and XXX that will make for such an immersive experience there will a frenzy of stardom overtaking the grid!

Take a look at the official press to get a good taste of what to expect!  I will be covering CINEMA on the official blog and here, so be sure to get your readers tuned, it’s almost showtime!

Cinema Official Blog
Cinema Flickr Group
Promotional Posters  Amazing film style premiere posters by Strawberry SinghAnya Ohmai (note some feature adult content)