Celebrity Skin

Meet Cooper, the  newest addition to the Belleza skin line!  A male skin, that’s right, and one the guys can get excited about and the ladies can drool over.  Cooper is a versatile skin, the aspect I love most about it, you can be blond OR brunette, which is not always possible.  In fact, I can’t think of a skin I have been able to do that with, which did not have such a drastic difference in brows and facial hair to the blond hair.

Mrs. Raynier is going to be like, what the heck is goin’ on with my Cajun!  Who this blond dude?  Well cherie, it’s Cooper and he’s a rugged mix of city and country, bad boy and shy guy, he’s got a great body and facial features and a great new skin for the gents to try on over at this round of FAIR!

A few more things I really love about this skin, the nose is really well done, it has great definition and realism.  The very light dusting of stubble on the head made it easy to go blond or black and the lips are a nice full form with great coloring.  Too often we see skins with a chapped lip look, it’s very unappealing to me and this is not the case with Cooper.  Additionally, check out the pecs!  Head on over to FAIR (hosted by CHIC Management) opens on Saturday, November 17th at 4pm!

Just a note, I did not engage shadows or edit the images other than put them in this frame so you can see the raw shots of how the skin looks.  I used lighting from Strawberry Singh, Original, other wind-light settings may look different.  A good go to is CalWL, and of course always demo the skin so that you can see how it actually looks on you.  Have a great weekend!

Celebrity Skin

Skin-Belleza Cooper (Available @ FAIR (hosted by CHIC Management) opens on Saturday, November 17th!)

Eyes-.ID. Warrior / Mesh Eyes / Aqua

Hands-[CheerNo] Mesh Hands

Boxers-RedCat Mesh Boxer

Shoes-Slink MESH Feet