TMD: Miles From Where You Are

Miles From Where You Are

What I Am Wearing:

Skin-NIVARO Crow Skin summertone

Hairbase-Entente Hairbase – B&W – Midnight black

Facial Hair-Entente Facial Hair B – Beard Deux – Black

Hat-Entente Batista Fedora

Eyes-.ID. Spark [Mens Dept.] / Mesh Eyes / Aqua (Available @ The Mens Dept-November 5th)

Necklace-lassitude & ennui Scorpio key necklace – silver / red (Available At Zodiac)

Shirt-22769 ~ [homme] oversized shirt teal stripe (Available @ The Mens Dept-November 5th)

Watch-Entente Tardif Watch

Pants-22769 ~ [homme] Skater Pants Black Corduroy (Available @ The Mens Dept-November 5th)

Shoes-2Real CUTTLERZ

Structure-Virtual Decay Subway station

Pose-Bounce This Poses Guy Pack 2 – 3

Hair Fair 2012-Ink

grasp just released Cargo sarrouel shorts for men and women and I had to have them!  It was no surprise to TP into the store and find a few of my fellow male bloggers there, we all like new mesh and this is a great example of why.  I have a great love for leopard print and have always liked that grasp releases leopard print in just about every one of their items.  I grabbed that fatpack as it is reasonably priced for how many you get, but the leopard were the choice for today’s look.

I hope your weekend is proving to be a great one!  Don’t forget to stop by Hair Fair if you have yet to go.  Back to the sick bay for this Cajun!

Hair Fair 2012 Ink

What I Am Wearing:

Skin-NIVARO Crow Skin summertone

Hair-INK Hair Yoke Black  (Available @ Hair Fair 2012 July 14th-July 29th)

Hairbase-INK Hairbases sideburn black (Available @ Hair Fair 2012 July 14th-July 29th)

Eyes-Mayfly Liquid Light Mesh Eyes (Glacial Night)

Glasses-K_gs Hooker 1.oo

Facial Hair-Zovo Goatee

Shirt-SEY Military_shirt_Emblem [red]

Pants-grasp Cargo sarrouel shorts/Leopard/Mens & suspenders

Skateboard-ACTION animated skateboard

Shoes-[ h ] All Stars Red

*Poses-HISpose HISkate

Location-Virtual Decay